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Treating hair breakage with vitamins
Many women complain of the problem of split ends, we are here to present you how to treat split ends and ends of split ends. It is ce...
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Smoothing rough hair in effective home ways
admin en 15 March 2020
Having soft hair is a dream for everyone, especially women, as it has a role in increasing the beauty of the face and increasing its attra...
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The benefits of breastfeeding the mother and the baby
admin en 10 March 2020
Breastfeeding is considered the first and only feeding method for newborn babies, and it is considered a manifestation of God's mercy ...
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Treating urinary tract infection naturally
Urinary tract infection is a very common health problem, both of you are common between the two men and women exposed to urinary tract inf...
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How to make a shiny pink face
admin en 06 March 2020
Pink cheeks are a sign of beauty for women, as it shows them with a more youthful appearance, and it is also an indication of the health o...
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How to get rid of broken capillaries on the face
admin en 27 February 2020
Many people suffer from the presence of small capillaries or blood vessels on the face, the capillaries are small, which is part of the bl...
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Treating lower abdomen pain with successful and effective natural methods
admin en 27 February 2020
Most women suffer from pain in the lower abdomen due to the menstrual cycle, but lower abdominal pain is not just a problem that only the ...
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Benefits and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.
admin en 27 February 2020
Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid and it is one of the vitamins that are very necessary for the body, as it is needed by the blood vesse...
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Causes of wrinkles around the eye and the best way to get rid of them
admin en 23 February 2020
The problem of wrinkles disturbs many women, which makes them look for the best ways to treat wrinkles, and wrinkles are clear folds in th...
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Learn the causes of loss of balance and methods of treatment
admin en 15 February 2020
Some people may feel dizziness, dizziness, and the inability to maintain the balance of the body, as if its body revolves or the earth and...
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Symptoms and causes of dry eyes to avoid immediately
admin en 13 February 2020
Dry eyes are a condition that affects the eyes when changes in tear production prevent their ability to lubricate the eyes efficiently. Dry...
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Bad smell behind the ear, its causes, and ways to treat it
admin en 12 February 2020
The bad smell behind the ear is associated with a cheese-like smell, and it can be noticed when you rub the back of your ears with your fin...
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