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Ways to spend time with your children
admin en 13 January 2021
 If you are a mother you may find it difficult to find time to sit with your children; Where the tiring homework may exhaust you and make yo...
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The best way to get your child to talk
admin en 13 January 2021
 The child learns how to use his voice and link it to the surrounding environment by his first year of age, and his speech at the age of nin...
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Way to protect the body from cracks of pregnancy
admin en 25 December 2020
 Pregnancy cracks occur when the body grows more than the skin can absorb this growth, which leads to the tearing of the fibers under the sk...
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Factors that increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins.
admin en 14 December 2020
Pregnancy with twins is one of the things that are common in comparison with the past, and this may be due to the advanced age of women at m...
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Heightening simple ways
admin en 12 December 2020
 Tallness is one of the beauty characteristics of females and males, and height is considered a genetic factor, but there are ways to help u...
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Causes of depression in women
admin en 15 November 2020
 He finds many stressors and life problems on women that cause her to have many psychological problems such as insomnia, eating disorders, a...
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Damages of family violence and its causes
admin en 14 November 2020
 Violence is the use of force or threat against self, individuals, or communities, causing damage, injury, or death; Where violence is used ...
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 How do I make my voice soft and beautiful
admin en 20 October 2020
The soft and beautiful voice is a feature of femininity, as the soft voice has a special effect on its listeners, especially men. There is n...
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Ways to get rid of pregnancy-related melasma
admin en 11 October 2020
Pregnancy problems are many and varied, and perhaps most of them are those that appear in the face in the form of spots that negatively affe...
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 What are the causes of forgetfulness for some people
admin en 06 October 2020
 Forgetting has spread greatly in recent periods, as many people have become suffering from this problem, whether old or young, and forgetfu...
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Ways to treat your child from a cold
admin en 29 September 2020
A cold is a condition in which certain viruses cause an infection in the throat and nose, and this infection is classified as an upper respi...
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The relationship of dry lips and lack of vitamins
admin en 14 September 2020
 Malnutrition is caused by a lack of vitamins, which leads to chapped lips, so people who suffer from dry lips must eat meals in a limit...
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The best benefits that rose water provides for the face
admin en 04 September 2020
Rose water is extracted by steam distillation of rose petals, it has a good smell, and it is used as a natural alternative to perfumes t...
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How to treat nervousness in children
admin en 15 August 2020
The neurological problem of children is one of the most annoying problems that is difficult to deal with, and many children are characte...
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Ways to help increase the weight of my child
admin en 15 August 2020
When trying to fatten the child through food, attention must be paid to the need to contain the important nutrients in most of the main ...
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The best correct sleep method
admin en 05 August 2020
Sleep is considered a complex biological process in which a person is unconscious, with the work of the brain and other devices continui...
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