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 The best benefits that dates contain
admin en 06 October 2020
Dates belong to the palmetto or palmate family, and its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera. It is also considered a dried fruit and has ...
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 What are the complications of Down syndrome
admin en 20 September 2020
Down syndrome is one of the genetic diseases that is attributed to the presence of a disorder in cell division, which causes an increase in ...
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Causes of phlegm and ways to get rid of it
admin en 05 August 2020
Sputum is a thick mucus that is produced when a person’s lungs are sick or damaged, and usually comes out with a cough, and in normal con...
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What are the causes of heel pain and how to treat it?
admin en 15 June 2020
The heel is the largest foot bone, and there are 26 bones in the foot and ankle, 23 joints, and more than 100 tendons. The heel pain ranges ...
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Learn the signs of egg fertilization
admin en 13 April 2020
Where fertilization takes place, by merging the egg with the sperm to form what is called a zygote, and fertilization takes place either...
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Natural food helps to control the level of sugar in the blood
admin en 30 March 2020
It can naturally help to control the level of sugar in the blood, by consuming and eating certain foods specific to your body, sticking ...
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Learn the best benefits of petroleum jelly to the skin
admin en 26 March 2020
Vaseline is one of the most popular and simplest cosmetic products that you can rely on since it is considered very inexpensive, and tod...
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Benefits of lemon and water to get rid of belly fat
admin en 22 March 2020
Lemon contains vitamin C necessary for blood, and vitamin B important for bones, gums and teeth, and lemon works to lose weight in a sho...
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Learn the best ways to increase length
admin en 08 March 2020
Many people search for ways to provide them with a natural increase in body length, as the long body is considered more beautiful and attr...
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Phlegm treatment for children with herbs
admin en 19 February 2020
Sputum is defined as a dense and sticky substance secreted from the mucous tissues that cover various parts of the respiratory system such...
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Potassium benefits for the body and symptoms of its deficiency and its sources of foods
admin en 15 February 2020
Potassium is one of the essential minerals that you must get if you do not want to feel tired and stressed, and because it is one of the n...
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Causes and treatment of indigestion with herbs that make up the drug
admin en 09 February 2020
Indigestion is a chronic medical condition also known as dyspepsia, and indigestion often causes a feeling of pain and discomfort in the s...
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Learn about the dangers of electrical current
admin en 13 January 2020
The electric current causes some dangers, including these dangers, which we will explain. The electric current causes body burns, as high-...
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Useful herbs for panic, fear and tension
admin en 08 January 2020
One of the most important herbs that are useful in cases of masculinity, fear and stress, valerian (valerian), where valerian roots are us...
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Learn the best ways to treat bruises
admin en 02 January 2020
One of the most important ways to treat bruises, treatment with snow, as it is one of the fastest ways that you can use in treating brui...
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Learn the damage of eating a lot of hot peppers
admin en 02 January 2020
In spite of the health benefits of pepper, it is a lot of eating that causes harm to the person, so it must be mentioned the harms of eati...
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