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What are the benefits of mashed figs for infants

 There are many benefits of mashed figs for infants, as figs are one of the summer fruits that are beloved by adults and children alike, due to their distinctive and delicious taste and high nutritional value, and figs are not only a fruit, but rather a nutritional supplement also because It contains beneficial nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help your baby to grow in a healthy and healthy way, and mothers usually start to try a lot of foods, especially fruits and vegetables, as soon as their children reach the age of 6 months until it begins The child gets used to the different flavors of foods and that there are other foods other than breast milk or formula.

When can a child eat figs?

Where fresh figs can be introduced (not dried) into your child's diet as soon as he is ready to eat solid foods, and this stage begins approximately after 6 months of the child's age, and like other foods that the child at this age, must The figs should be mashed well so that your child can safely eat them without experiencing any problems with chewing or digestion and also to avoid the risk of choking.

What are the benefits of mashed figs for infants?

Figs are very beneficial for children as they are rich in "B" vitamins, fibers and various nutrients that help your baby grow and develop in good health. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help strengthen the immune system of infants. Here are some of the benefits of mashed figs for babies.

 Helps improve digestion:

As it is known that figs effectively reduce stomach problems, and this helps infants in particular because their digestive system is not fully completed, and eating mashed figs can help improve digestion and thus absorb the nutrients that the child gets from his meals Food better.

Reduces the child's exposure to constipation:

Where fresh figs are rich in dietary fiber, as they contain large quantities of them, which can help reduce the child's exposure to constipation, because the fibers increase the size of the stool and thus facilitate the process of its excretion outside the body, and your child's eating of crushed figs regularly may prevent constipation. marked.

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals:

Where figs contain a lot of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which the child's body needs at this stage, as it helps him to grow and develop in a good and healthy way, and the minerals in figs such as copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium help to develop The body is large, so eating figs for a child is important for the healthy growth of his body.

 Maintaining a healthy liver:

 Some babies suffer from liver problems such as hepatitis or jaundice, but eating crushed figs helps in such cases, because of its iron and magnesium content, which are especially beneficial for the liver.

Helps strengthen the immune system:

Lutein has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that help to strengthen the child's immune system, which is still weak at this age due to its incomplete growth yet. Figs help reduce the risk of catching colds, gastroenteritis and influenza.