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What is the way to preserve the skin

The skin suffers from some problems such as excess oil, dehydration, the appearance of acne, aging, and other problems, and the thinking of girls and women occupies the methods of preserving the youth and luster of the skin to appear as if it is younger, more attractive and vibrant, hence it can be said that preserving the appearance of the skin is considered One of the best things that we must focus on is; Because a healthy, fresh and youthful complexion suggests to others the young age, vitality and health of the body, and the more care for it; The beauty of the individual increases even if he gets older, and skin care needs to know and determine the type of skin first; To find out what suits her treatments, there is oily, dry, normal and combination skin.

How to take care of your skin:

cleaning the face :

Paying attention to facial cleanliness is one of the ways to take care of the skin, but it is also important to pay attention to the correct way in which it is cleaned, as it is necessary to deal with the skin gently while washing it, and this is done using a circular motion, wiping the lotion from the neck area gently, and keeping away When rubbing or squeezing hard; To avoid irritation, or exposing the blood capillaries in the skin to damage.

Sun protection:

Where the skin needs protection from the sun's rays, so it is important to apply sunblock cream on the face, and this requires taking into account applying it to the skin about 30 minutes before going out. As these creams need a period of time to start to activate their effect, and in addition to that, dark-colored spots on the skin may need to be protected more from the sun's rays than others; To avoid hyperpigmentation, and thus difficult to treat.

Eat a healthy diet:

Where a commitment to eating a healthy diet helps to maintain the health of the body in general, and the skin in particular, especially when maintaining the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with whole grains and proteins, and some studies indicate that eating foods and nutritional supplements containing fish oil, away from fats Harmful, enhances the health and youth of the skin, as well as taking into account the need to adhere to drinking sufficient quantities of water; To maintain skin moisture.

Moisturizing :

Where the skin needs continuous moisturizing, and the types of its moisturizing products differ depending on the type of skin, as oily skin, for example, is suitable for moisturizing products that do not close the pores, while dry skin needs those types with a creamy base, and the producing companies print the basis for the composition of the product On products, which facilitates the appropriate selection process depending on the type of skin.

Stay away from stress:

Where anxiety and stress are a major cause of skin problems, and to care for and preserve the skin, the causes of this anxiety must be eliminated, and stress treated by obtaining adequate rest, in addition to organizing recreational activities for the soul, this would contribute to obtaining the desired results, and get rid of Acne, allergies and other skin problems.

Reducing sugar intake:

Where you should follow a diet with low amounts of sugar, because eating sugar leads to damage to the skin, and to increase the appearance of the effects of aging on it, because it works to stimulate free radicals, which leads to the emergence of inflammation, and damage to cells, and reduce sugar levels It helps maintain insulin levels as well, allowing the cells to maintain a healthy balance in the body in general.

Avoid rubbing the skin of the face:

 It is recommended to pat the skin gently and very carefully, as it should be washed with gentle circular motions, distributing the lotion from the bottom of the neck area, to the top with light movements, avoiding rubbing, and pulling the skin firmly, because heavy pressure on the skin may add a temporary pink color to the skin, but it may damage With capillaries, and in the long term, affects the appearance of the skin.

The best vitamins for skin health:

These are the most important vitamins necessary for the health and maintenance of the skin:

  •  Vitamin D: as it helps build new cells for the skin, and may also help treat psoriasis. You can get vitamin D from the sun, or eat foods that naturally contain it, such as tuna or fortified with it, such as yogurt and orange juice.
  •  Vitamin C:It is useful for improving and increasing the effectiveness of sunscreen, treating skin damage and signs of aging and reducing wrinkles, and it also works to produce the skin's natural collagen. It can be obtained from oranges, broccoli, spinach, or supplements, according to the doctor's instructions.
  •  Vitamin E: It is an anti-oxidant to protect the skin from sun damage and reduce wrinkles and spots. It is used in the manufacture of skin care products and can be obtained from walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, or nutritional supplements according to the doctor's orders.
  •  Vitamin K: It is useful for getting rid of dark spots, stretch marks and wounds. It can be found with spinach, lettuce, and green beans.