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How to feed after sleeve gastrectomy

The sleeve gastrectomy or as it is called stapling is one of the operations that are used to reduce weight in the event of obesity, and this is done by longitudinal excision of the stomach to reduce its size, thus reducing the amount of food that the patient can eat, and through this process, up to fifty to eighty percent of the stomach is removed, And because of the change in the size of the stomach, it is necessary to change the feeding pattern after the operation.

Nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy:

Where the patient needs after the operation of the sleeve gastrectomy, a special diet for a period of thirty-five days, and this diet is divided according to time for several patterns or stages, which are the clear liquids phase for ten days, the phase of full fluids and pureed food for another ten minutes, then the phase of soft meals for ten days, And finally, to return to the natural diet, and at every stage, there are specific types of foods that are allowed to be eaten.

 Clear fluid stage:

At this stage, the patient can eat in this stage liquid soups such as broth, apple juice or filtered carrot juice without drinking citrus juice, and herbs such as flowers, anise or chamomile can be drunk, in addition to water, tea and coffee.

The full fluid phase:

And this stage contains the pure or thick soups mashed in a blender, such as vegetable soup, lentils, vermicelli, and others. Watermelon, melon or carrot juice can also be drunk, and yogurt and low-fat milk are consumed, in addition to other liquids.

 Refrain from eating:

By simply feeling full, not eating and drinking at the same time, distributing food at different times and eating six to eight snacks. Exercise after the sleeve gastrectomy, be careful not to neglect the sport after the operation. In addition to diet, exercise helps to lose weight in a healthy way, and it is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of exercise after the sleeve, where the patient begins to walk for a period of half an hour or more, then after a week he starts swimming, then after a month it is possible to ride a bicycle, and after three months he begins With stomach-tightening exercises and aerobics.

Pureed food stage:

Where the patient can at this stage eat any type of liquid present in the previous two stages, in addition to eating well mashed fruits in the electric mixer, and can also drink fruit cocktails, grilled or boiled vegetables that must be mashed, or eat starches such as rice soup or breakfast chips with Milk is low in fat, and at this stage it is forbidden to eat meat from fish or white and red meat, as well as eating bread and soft drinks of all kinds for a period of three to six months after the operation. The stage of the natural diet is possible to return to eating various foods and eating meat and solid foods, and at this stage the following tips must be followed to avoid any stomach imbalance: Eat slowly and chew well.