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 If intelligence is the standard that determines the ability to learn, then know that children are born geniuses! From the moment of birth, and through the first months, your baby's brain possesses a tremendous ability to learn anything, so it is your responsibility as a mother to help him facilitate the early learning process that he does all the time, and play may be one of the best ways in which the child acquires information and explores The world around him, and examine and test things, and therefore playtime is not only considered a time for entertainment, fun and chaos, but rather what your child needs most at this stage.

What children learn from play:

Children rely on their five senses to learn and explore things. They use the sense of hearing, touch, smell, taste, and vision all the time, and they obtain through it a huge amount of information, and play is their preferred method of learning, as it is more than just a time full of fun, chaos and maybe inconvenience, but it is a wonderful way through which the child acquires a lot, which is It helps him discover his special abilities, and stimulates his motor, linguistic and social skills, as he learns through play to distinguish between different sizes, sounds, colors, the nature of things and their properties, in addition to learning language and numbers.

Fun and useful games your child will love:

Where you can take advantage of your child's tremendous abilities in the early stages of life, by encouraging him to test a lot of games that give him interest, and provide him with the greatest amount of fun and entertainment, try these suggestions: Children find great pleasure in playing with kitchen utensils, there is nothing wrong with that; This game is very useful for children despite its strangeness, give him some safe tools, and leave him to discover them on his own, and through this game he will learn to match lids with utensils, distinguish between sizes of cups and measuring spoons, and much more.

 Encourage your child to play in front of the mirror for some time:

This is done by asking him to locate his nose or eyes, or encouraging him to play "hide and seek" while seeing his reflection in the mirror; This game opens many horizons for the child and helps develop his self-image.

 Let your baby use his sense of touch:

You can let your child use the sense of touch to discover the properties of things and their differences, you should cut pieces of different fabrics in their colors and types, and paste them on pieces of cardboard, and present them to your child until he begins to touch them and discover the texture and nature of fabrics, and realizes the difference between the texture and color of each. Also, your child has some educational and fun games, we suggest buying Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise from Fisher Price; It is fun and will satisfy your child's love for surprises, and give him a lot of fun and interest; Every time he introduces his little hand to the "cookie" jar, he will discover a new surprise, and will feel excited and happy thanks to the cheerful sounds and laughs that the smiling face with a luminous nose will make, and he will learn the difference between the different colors and geometric shapes, as the jar comes with five different shapes of cake pieces. Each one has a different number, so your child can connect the shapes and similar holes, and he also learns the numbers and names of cake shapes in both Arabic and English.