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Ways to spend time with your children

 If you are a mother you may find it difficult to find time to sit with your children; Where the tiring homework may exhaust you and make you think about how to finish it so that you take a rest, and the most difficult of all is being an employee in addition to all these responsibilities, but the passion of motherhood makes you endure all these difficulties for the sake of comforting your children and continuing their upbringing properly, Here are some suggestions, dear, that will help you on how to spend time with your children.

How to fill children's free time:

 Draw :

Where children can occupy their free time by practicing the skill of drawing, which greatly affects their personalities, so it is advisable to sharpen this skill by parents, as it increases children's self-confidence, and makes them better able to express their thoughts and feelings; Given that drawing improves children's critical thinking, as well as the motor-visual compatibility between the eye and the hand during drawing, drawing increases children's ability to creativity, and to deal with difficult situations.

Cooking :

Where it can take advantage of children's spare time in the kitchen, as the kitchen attracts children a lot, which makes them enjoy participating in the cooking process, and cooking contributes to the development of many skills in children such as reading, arithmetic and memorization, as the child needs to read food ingredients, calculate the required ingredients, and with His repeated participation in cooking memorizes ingredients and steps, and he develops some manual skills; Such as chopping and chopping, and it is worth noting the need for parents' attention when children enter the kitchen to avoid any danger or harm that they may be exposed to while participating in the cooking process.

 Teaching children simple agricultural skills:

Where children can be taught the skill of growing plants indoors to occupy their spare time, and this activity has several benefits, including; Children know the sources of food, how to grow plants, how to grow them, etc. It is indicated that you can search in different ways about the types of plants that can be grown indoors and how to grow them properly, as green onions, green carrots, lettuce, etc. can be grown.

Walking :

Walking with one or both parents is a fun way for children to spend their spare time, as it enhances their sense of team spirit within the family, in addition to the health benefit as it is an exercise for the child, and some children may not prefer walking, but it can be encouraged by eating something they love while Walking like ice cream and others or taking beautiful pictures, and during the walking tour, the child can be trained to sense the importance of his senses, by closing his eyes, for example, and relying on hearing to try to know the sounds around him, as well as training the sense of smell to distinguish between the smell of fresh air from the polluted

Teach them paperwork:

Where children can take advantage of their spare time in paperwork by cutting and shaping the paper to make different shapes that can be enjoyed, whether they are animals, landscapes, or tools that children know, by cutting and folding paper, children develop their skills and release their creativity by starting with small colored papers And developing it in many forms.

Playing with children:

Where you can spend time with children by doing this simple matter, and you can, for example, play with them by sitting on the ground and playing with trucks, building castles and forts, making buildings out of reinforced cardboard for cars, and other things that please children.