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The best way to get your child to talk

 The child learns how to use his voice and link it to the surrounding environment by his first year of age, and his speech at the age of nine months is usually unclear and like a stutterer, as he begins to speak with a group of different sounds and tones, as he can say Mama and Papa, and is not aware of the meanings of these words The need to draw the child's attention in his first months to the names of common things, in addition to the need to notice his interaction with sounds, and if he does not interact with them, this is considered an indication of hearing loss, and through our article we will explain the best ways to make your child speak properly and wonderful.

Ways to get a child to speak:

Learn to speak by playing:

 Children love to communicate with their parents through games, so parents can use playtime to teach their children new words, for example, parents can bring a game about human body parts, to motivate their child to speak and memorize the names of body parts, and the mother or father can choose a name for the game Like "Sarah" and then they ask the child, "Where is Sarah's nose?" Thus, it is worth noting that the play should be with a lot of laughter in order for the child to feel happy and encourage him to speak.

Learn to speak by singing:

Where singing is considered a form of play, especially if singing is accompanied by moving the hands and the body, and the father or mother can sing some familiar and useful songs in order to help the child learn patterns of language, and how to pronounce the words, and choosing songs with rhyme helps the child to distinguish differences The little between sounds, a skill that will benefit the child when he learns the skill of reading later

 Praise the child when he speaks:

As children watch the reactions of their parents and most of the people around them when trying to pronounce a certain word, and they gain confidence and strength to speak better when they notice positive reactions about their attempts to speak, so parents should encourage their children to speak by smiling at them, and praising them at less An attempt by them to talk, and it is worth noting that when the father or mother feels that the child is feeling nervous about the way he is pronounced, they should calm him and encourage him.

 Correcting his mistakes in speech:

 Not to worry if the child pronounces some words incorrectly, or if he chooses the wrong words, or if his grammar is wrong, as it is then possible to provide a positive example about the correct way in which speech is done, such as using the correct pronunciation on his ears, this will help him improve His language over time.

 Encouraging the child to speak:

 The father and mother must encourage their child to speak, and this can be by not giving him what he wants except by talking to him about the thing he wants, for example when the child refers to something like the dining table, making a certain sound indicating that he wants More food, and parents should avoid giving them that right away, and instead talk to the child and ask him what he wants, such as "Do you want more pasta?", Or "This pasta tastes delicious, right?"

Important tips to get the child to speak:

 Parents can encourage their children to speak by following the following tips:

  • Repeat the words spoken by the child with more clarification, for example when the child says "juice", the mother can say "Do you want more juice?", As this will help the child learn to connect the words together to create short and useful sentences.
  • Talking about daily activities, because this will help children connect the language with the world around him.
  •  Use gestures and tangible objects to help them understand instructions and questions directed at them.
  • Read books with the child, look at the pictures in it, and describe them.