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Benefits of coconut oil and garlic

 Coconut oil and garlic are well-known natural oils that are important to human health because they contain many benefits and we often find them in the combination of many cosmetic products and preparations for skin and hair because of the benefits and important elements in them, and they can be obtained from herbal or perfumery stores, or it is possible to buy Their cosmetic products come from stores and stores that sell cosmetics.

Coconut :

Coconut is a fruit that is picked from the well-known coconut tree, and it is used in many different food recipes around the world, and the oil is also extracted from it for use in many medical and cosmetic recipes, and this oil has many different uses, and some of them are:


Experiments have shown that using coconut oil on psoriasis-affected skin helps improve the effectiveness of laser and ultraviolet rays, because it contains important properties and elements in it. Heart disease: Some studies in India indicated the importance of eating coconut or drinking coconut oil to prevent heart disease, especially acute heart attacks.


Where it is said that drinking a small amount of one tablespoon of coconut oil a day helps to reduce the waist circumference significantly, as it dissolves the fat in that area.

Skin dryness:

Where coconut oil contains effective moisturizing properties, and it has the ability to get rid of the problem of dry skin quickly and from the first use by applying it to the dry area, in addition to it gives the beautiful and fragrant smell to the skin.

garlic oil :

 It is considered a type of herb that is distinguished by its strong and bitter flavor and aroma, and it has been used over the years in many medical and topical treatments due to its benefits and the important nutrients in it, and the oil is extracted from it for use to get rid of many skin problems such as fungal infections, warts and grains And some of its other uses:


With age, the arteries begin to lose their ability to stretch and expand, which causes them to become stiff, and this problem can be reduced by drinking a little garlic oil regularly.


As garlic oil has a positive effect on some types of cancer, such as colon and stomach cancer, so drinking less of it regularly may protect against the risk of developing it. High blood pressure: Many studies indicate the benefits of garlic oil in reducing high blood pressure by approximately 7%.