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What are the causes of flatulence from the bottom

 The swelling of the lower abdomen appears in most women as a secondary symptom of the menstrual period or due to indigestion, and it quickly disappears on its own without any complications, but cases in which the bulge in the lower abdomen continues for several days without its disappearance calls for concern and suspicion that bloating is one of the symptoms that indicate the occurrence A dangerous disease that requires prompt treatment before it gets worse, and here are some of the causes of dangerous lower abdomen swelling.

Causes of flatulence in the lower abdomen:


Diverticulitis occurs in the large intestine in the form of small pockets attached to the wall of the intestine or colon, which becomes very dangerous if not treated immediately, as these sinuses burst, transferring the inflammation to the various areas of the abdomen, with the possibility of a tear in the abdomen, and often accompanies the occurrence of Diverticulitis, flatulence and diarrhea.

 Increase the level of small intestine bacteria:

The increase in the rate of small intestine bacteria beyond their normal rates leads to a deficit in the body's ability to absorb food from the intestinal wall, and causes the accumulation of large food in the intestine, and as a result of the bacteria's attempts to digest it, an amount of gases is produced that accumulates in the lower abdomen causing bloating.


And the pain associated with the appendix is ​​on the right side of the lower abdomen, with a clear swelling in that area, and it may be accompanied by fever, vomiting and constant dizziness.

ovarian cancer :

As most of the symptoms of ovarian cancer are silent and do not appear except in advanced cases of the disease, and swelling in the lower abdomen is one of the signs that may indicate infection with this disease, so it is important to conduct a medical examination to detect this.

Uterine prolapse:

Where the pelvic muscles and the supportive ligaments help to stabilize the uterus in place and from it its fall, but any defect in those muscles and connections may cause part or all of it to fall from its place towards the lower abdomen, and its fall often causes the bladder or rectum to move from its place towards the outer skin, Unknown to her, it appears as a flatulence in the lower abdomen.

 Urinary cystitis:

Where it appears in females at higher rates than in males, due to the short urine path and the fact that the vagina is close to the opening of the urinary outlet, which allows the transmission of germs and pathogens to the bladder, the most important of which is the E. coli bacteria, but it is the main cause of cystitis in females.


Where Irritable Bowel Syndrome is described as a chronic disorder in the digestive process, which results in successive contractions in the lower abdomen, which are accompanied by flatulence in the lower abdomen with cases of diarrhea or constipation.