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The Importance of Web Copy to Web Marketing and Advertising

 Web marketing and advertising is so different from traditional

marketing and advertising that many people with expertise in

traditional marketing find the concepts employed in copywriting

for websites and internet marketing to be unusual. Many even deny

the reality that web marketing and advertising on the internet is

different from traditional marketing and they attempt to apply

traditional marketing techniques rather than proven copywriting

techniques that are successful for web marketing and advertising.

The main difference between traditional sales copy and web copy

for web marketing and advertising is that traditional sales copy

is usually deemed to be more effective if it is brief and to the

point. Copywriting for web marketing and advertising; however, is

unique in that it is not intended to simply captivate the

audiences' attention and prompt them to take action such as

picking up the phone or visiting a store.

Copywriting for web marketing and advertising actually serves to

fulfill the entire advertising and sales process. Because

internet business is generally automated, the sales copy is much

more than material for web marketing and advertising, it is the

"sales person" that introduces website visitors to your products

and services, highlights the features and benefits of your

products and services, counters objections, asks the reader to

act, and closes the sale.

Because the role of sales copy for web marketing and advertising

is so much more involved than that of traditional sales and

marketing materials, being brief and to the point is not usually

the best approach to preparing your web copy. Short web copy can

be useful if you have an online catalog and you are simply

providing product descriptions through your web copy. However,

most ecommerce businesses need long copy to persuade website

visitors to become customers, to make sales, and to generate

ecommerce revenues.

Crafting useful web copy for your web marketing and advertising

using long sales copy techniques begins with planning. You must

know your target audience, prepare a unique selling proposition

that will appeal to that audience while setting you apart from

the competition, develop a pricing strategy and bonuses that give

customers the perception of value, and identify keyword terms and

phrases that your customers will use when searching for your

products or services.

Using the information from your research and planning efforts,

you can begin to write sales copy for your website which will be

the base for your web marketing and advertising as well as your

storefront. Start your copywriting with the creation of a

headline that grabs the attention of website visitors and a

subheading that sparks their interest. Be sure to focus on

benefits to the customer and to build credibility throughout your

sales copy by including testimonials and credentials.

Use bonus items and freebies to add value to your products or

services. Create urgency to prompt action by offering "limited

time" discounts or special offers. Finally, set your website

visitors' minds at ease by providing a strong, no-risk guaranty

and ask for the order.

Another technique that is useful for web marketing and

advertising sales copy is to offer a free newsletter or a free

report somewhere within your website copy. While this doesn't

contribute much to the actual sales process, it will provide you

with an opt-in list of customers and potential customers so you

can continue marketing to those website visitors that do not

convert to buyers on their first visit. If you don't get the

sale, at least you will get a lead if website visitors subscribe

to your newsletter or request a free report.

Be sure that a disclosure is made or an option is given that

makes it clear to website visitors that they are agreeing to be

placed on your opt-in list to receive communications from your

company if they subscribe to the newsletter or request the free

report. Using the techniques suggested here in creating your

sales copy for your web marketing and advertising provides a

strong foundation for building your internet business.