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Is the psychological state related to the weather?

Your psychological state is related to the weather, as the weather has a great impact on the general mood of the person, and it also depends on the climatic conditions, which may be inappropriate or appropriate for some jobs, and here are some cases of weather that may affect the general mood Cases that did not occur to you From before:

Mental state and weather:

Higher temperatures make you less depressed:

As the low temperature and the absence of sunlight cause sadness, and it is called seasonal psycho-emotional disorders, but on the other hand the high temperature and the presence of sun rays improves the general mood and fights depression, and high temperatures increase the movement of particles in the body as well. It facilitates the digestion of food and improves thinking.

 Sunny days make you open to romantic possibilities:

Sunny days with high temperatures increase energy and affect mental health as well, and this is normal for the individual to become emotional and on the verge of romantic thoughts. Summer is the best time for picnics, wandering on the beach or forests, or spending time in a boat on a lake.

 You are a benefactor on sunny days:

The book describes happy people as having a “sunny mood,” as the sun makes people happy and more inclined to help others, and therefore, on sunny days, most people are fully prepared to provide assistance to others unlike days when they are cloudy and gloomy, and It is better to choose sunny days to volunteer, because then you will be more helpful to people.

 The sun makes you spend a lot of money:

Where the summer cuts! Roam in malls and malls, open your wallet and buy whatever you like. Researchers have shown that people tend to spend a lot of money on sunny days. The theory goes, that the sun makes people happy and less stressed about their lives and financial conditions.

High temperatures make you aggressive:

As high temperatures make people more active as mentioned, but unfortunately this energy is combined with hot weather, humidity and viscosity, and all of that makes people more aggressive.

Rain Causes Pain:

In addition, it causes real physical pain due to atmospheric pressure, as well as causes some psychological problems, and the excess pressure causes body fluids to move from blood vessels to tissues, which causes pressure on nerves and joints, and the result of this is increased pain, stiffness and lack of movement.

Lack of sunlight makes you eat more:

Where the bears devour anything in sight before you go to sleep, and the individual is like this on cold days, and the dark cold winter makes you eat a lot, and with regret, many times the individual does not need food but the feeling Cold pushes him to eat.

Very low temperatures affect the performance of difficult physical tasks:

The individual also feels cold, and muscle movements are slow, meaning that he refuses to move, so it is better to be careful when performing difficult physical tasks because spending a lot of time in very low temperatures causes a sharp drop in body temperature, and this is a dangerous thing. The individual is healthy, so it is best to wear gloves when in the snow.