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Factors that increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Pregnancy with twins is one of the things that are common in comparison with the past, and this may be due to the advanced age of women at marriage and the use of artificial insemination methods as will be mentioned, and it is worth noting that there are two types of twins, identical twins, and identical twins, and as for similar twins, it occurs As a result of splitting the fertilized egg into two eggs that carry the same genetic information, and identical twins make up one-third of the cases of twins around the world, and as for the non-identical twin, it is formed as a result of the fertilization of two sperms to two different eggs, and the twins in this case have different genes, and the two children can be of the same sex Or, one of them is a male and the other is a female, and in fact the period of pregnancy with one fetus usually reaches forty weeks, and in the case of a twin pregnancy, the period of pregnancy is usually thirty-eight weeks.

Factors that increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins:

There are many factors that increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins, including M.


It was found that the chance of a twin pregnancy in women over the age of thirty is greater than that of others, because as a woman ages, the eggs need more of the hormone known as the stimulating hormone of the follicle to mature, and in light of this talk it is worth noting that the eggs that mature monthly during the ovulation process need To stimulate the stimulating hormone for the follicle to mature as required, and the high percentage of this hormone in the bodies of women who have passed the age of thirty may cause stimulation to release more than one egg, which increases the likelihood of a twin pregnancy.

the weight:

Obesity or weight gain may cause the possibility of impeding pregnancy, but on the other hand it has a benefit in pregnancy, as it has been found that women who suffer from obesity, i.e. those with a body mass index of 30 or more, have a higher probability of conceiving twins in the event of pregnancy, and that Because the excess fat causes an increase in the amount of estrogen in the body, which leads to overstimulation of the ovaries, and thus the release of more than one egg during the ovulation process, and this increases the chance of getting pregnant with twins.


As it has been shown that the probability of having twins in tall women is higher than in non-tall women, and although scientists have not been able to establish a scientific reason for this, it is believed that good nutrition that may be the cause of height may have a role in increasing the chance of conceiving twins. .

Breast feeding:

Although the possibility of pregnancy during breastfeeding, especially if it is normal, only slows down the process of pregnancy and may prevent it, there are many women who become pregnant during this period, and in the event of pregnancy during this period the chance of twins is high.

Medical means:

Where there are some medical methods that can be resorted to to increase the likelihood of a woman carrying twins, we mention fertility drugs, as the principle of the action of these drugs depends on increasing the number of eggs released by the ovaries, and therefore the release of the ovary to more than one egg and then fertilized by the man's sperm It results in a pregnancy with dissimilar twins, and in fact there are two drug options that are resorted to in such cases, and although they are effective and safe to some extent, there are a number of side effects that may result from their use, and these two options can be explained as follows:

This drug is given in the form of oral pills, and it is only sold with a prescription, and some studies have shown that the likelihood of getting pregnant with twins when taking this drug is higher than in cases when it is not taken.


 This drug is given by injection, and based on the statistics of some American organizations concerned with the health of the reproductive system, it was found that approximately 30% of women who undergo treatment for infertility problems using this drug are pregnant with twins or more.

Artificial Vaccination:

As it is considered one of the types of assisted fertilization techniques, and this method is considered one of the means that help in the occurrence of pregnancy, and fertility drugs can be dispensed before starting the procedures of this process to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy, and as for the mechanism of its conduct, it can be summarized by saying: Her husband is given medical methods and under special care, after which they are placed in medical dishes for the purpose of fertilization, then more than one fertilized egg is transferred to the mother's womb in the hope of implantation, growth, and development into a full embryo, and it should be noted that transferring more than one fertilized egg is important to increase the chances of The occurrence of pregnancy, and perhaps this explains the increased chance of conceiving twins.