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What are the natural ways to whiten the body

 The skin of the body is exposed to many factors that may make it dull or dark, including environmental pollution, excessive exposure to the sun, and the body's injury to some pathological conditions that affect the color of the skin, and others, and many individuals may resort to whitening their body skin through the use of Sometimes skin-lightening products can be harmful, especially when used long-term. This is because it contains harmful chemicals that harm the skin and the body, in addition to being very expensive, and fortunately there are many natural home recipes that contribute to safe, inexpensive body whitening.

Natural ways to whiten the body:

 Papaya and honey recipe:

Whereas, the papaya and honey recipe is considered a useful recipe for whitening the skin of the body; Whereas, papaya is a fruit that contains important enzymes, such as: papain acids, which have a role in removing dead skin cells, while honey contains antibacterial properties that contribute to cleansing the skin, and by mixing them (papaya and honey) together produces an effective recipe for body whitening, to be done through Put the papaya chunks in a mixing bowl, and mash well. To get a smooth and thick paste. Add honey to papaya paste, mix the ingredients well, and put the mixture on the skin, leave it on for about 20 minutes, wash the skin with warm water, rinse the skin again with cold water, then dry it with Al-Tabba, and repeat the recipe every night, before going to sleep.

Tomato recipe:

Tomatoes contain natural bleaching properties that help lighten the skin. They are also a rich source of vitamin C, and they also contain astringent properties. This makes it an effective treatment for dark skin, as well as it contains antioxidant properties; This is to combat the free radicals that keep skin youthful. The way to prepare it is, open the tomato, take out the pulp inside, and place it in the bowl. Add the yogurt to the mixing bowl, and mix the ingredients well. Put the mixture on the skin, leave it for 30 minutes, and wash the skin with water, and you can add two small spoons of oatmeal. For better results.

Baking soda recipe:

Where baking soda is used to clean the pores of the skin, remove dirt and oils from them, and it is also used to balance the pH levels on the surface of the skin, in addition to it contains skin brightening properties, which in turn lighten dark spots. The method of preparing it is, and it is done through the preparation of the container, and the ingredients are placed in it in appropriate quantities; Until we get a consistent liquid paste. Put the paste on the skin, massage for a minute, and leave. To dry completely, and rinse the skin with water, the recipe is repeated once every day.

Body whitening tips:

There are several tips that are recommended for body whitening, including:

 Do not use bleach or hazardous chemicals:

Where some people think that the use of bleaching materials and household cleaning products, such as: ammonia, increases the whiteness of the skin of the body, but this belief is wrong. These substances damage the skin and make it darker in the long term. Because it contains harmful chemicals; Therefore, these substances should be avoided, and removed from the skin as much as possible.

 Not completely changing skin color:

Where it is recommended not to change the color of the skin completely, and try to accept the natural color with which the individual was born, the skin may be dark, but it is beautiful and luminous as it is, and attention to the health of the skin, and eat healthy food; It would make the skin beautiful and glowing regardless of its color.

 Peeling skin:

As the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin makes the skin appear dark, and to make the skin brighter, it is important to regularly peel the skin. Natural exfoliants that contain sugar and salt can be used, and rub the body with them in gentle circular motions on the whole body after moisturizing it during the shower. A gentle dry brush made of natural fibers can also be used. To exfoliate the skin, remove its dead cells before showering.

Keeping the body hydrated:

The skin must be kept moist to prevent dead skin cells from accumulating; Therefore, it is preferable to use a daily moisturizer after showering, so that it is a creamy moisturizer that does not contain alcohol. Because alcohol dries out the skin.