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Ways to get rid of wrinkles on the hands

 Where wrinkles are caused by the skin's loss of its natural elasticity, which is often associated with signs of aging and aging, and there are many other reasons that are not related to aging for the appearance of wrinkles on the hands, including some medications. Various genetic factors, hormonal changes in the human body, poor diet, smoking, and dry skin. And environmental pollution, excessive exposure to the sun's rays, and in our article we will explain the methods of smoothing wrinkles of the hands.

Natural recipes to get rid of wrinkles on the hands:


Where the hands are massaged using the pulp or pineapple juice until it is absorbed, then it is left for 15 to 20 minutes, and then the hands are washed with cold water, taking care to use it regularly, because the pineapple contains vitamin C that helps get rid of wrinkles, and maintain skin.

 olive oil :

Where olive oil is used by applying it to the hands, massaging it for 5 to 10 minutes gently, until it is absorbed, then washing it after 30 minutes, or leaving it overnight, and it is also possible to put sugar with olive oil, and massage the hands with it in a circular motion, And wash the hands with moderate temperature water, dry them and put the oil back on the hands, as olive oil contains vitamin E, in addition to oily fats that stimulate collagen production that prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and some other oils can be used, such as: sesame oil and castor oil Coconut oil, and almond oil.

Banana mixture:

Banana mixture is one of the home and natural remedies that help get rid of wrinkles on the hands, as bananas have among its components natural elements that contribute to the process of moisturizing the skin, and bananas can be used in this by mashing a peeled and ripe banana to make a soft paste, then rubbing it on the hands and leaving it for a while 30 minutes, then washing hands using lukewarm water, then moisturizing the hands using hand moisturizer with the necessity to repeat these steps at least once a week to get the best results.

 Banana and olive oil mixture:

Where you can benefit from the banana mixture and olive oil in removing wrinkles of the hands, and that is by mashing half a ripe banana, adding a small amount of olive oil and honey to make a soft paste and placing it on the hands for a third of an hour, then washing the hands using warm water and then using water Cold, and the secret is to maintain the moisture of the hands, with the need to repeat these steps at least once a week to get the best results.