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Learn about the benefits of cherries for a healthy body

  There are many benefits that are distinguished by cherries, including, it helps to fight the growth of free radicals in the cells that cause cancer tumors, because it contains antioxidants and ellagic acid, and it helps protect the body from bacterial infections, parasites and germs, as well as rid the body of toxins.

Cherry benefits for a healthy body:

Relieve migraine pain:

As it helps relieve migraine pain "migraine", and works to improve and improve mental cognitive abilities, and helps to stimulate memory and strengthens the brain, and helps to protect against brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease because it contains anthocyanins.

Maintains a healthy heart:

Maintains a healthy heart, blood vessels and arteries; As it prevents sclerosis and prevents blockages, and helps protect against strokes, for its ability to prevent the accumulation of fats, and its effectiveness in reducing harmful cholesterol in the blood that directly causes serious and chronic heart diseases.

Reducing high pressure:

In addition, it helps reduce high blood pressure, its richness in potassium, which helps rid the body of sodium salts, enhances the performance of the immune system, which fights diseases such as cold and flu, and improves the work of the digestive system, it improves digestion, prevents constipation, softens the intestine, and helps Accelerate excretion of waste, because it contains plant fibers.

Joint pain relief:

Helps relieve rheumatic joint pain, muscle cramps, and gout problems because it contains anti-inflammatory, which reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood resulting from an increase in protein in the blood, and improve the appearance of the skin and fight premature wrinkles and signs of aging.

 Boost immunity and fight diseases:

Where cherries contain a distinct group of antioxidants that have the ability to fight free radicals and prevent cancer and heart disease. These antioxidants, especially carotenoids, help slow the signs of aging. All types of cherries contain antioxidants, but they may vary in concentration according to the color of the cherries. Sour cherries are the richest types of cherries with antioxidants.

 Regulating sleeping hours and cycle:

According to a study published in "Agricultural and Food Chemistry", cherries naturally contain melatonin, which is a substance secreted by the brain that helps to regulate the hours and cycle of sleep. This substance is produced in the dark and is affected by several factors, including artificial lighting that we are exposed to, which limits Melatonin production, and therefore eating foods such as cherries contribute to an increase in its levels in the body.

 Lose weight:

Cherry contains more than 75% of its components water, in addition to a high percentage of dietary fiber and low levels of calories. Thus, cherries are a special food for those who aspire to lose weight as they enhance the feeling of satiety and fullness of the stomach, and reduce the meals eaten later, and with its sweet taste It is a great snack as an alternative to sweets and high-energy foods.

Perfect food for hair:

Cherry contains beneficial nutrients that make it an ideal food for hair and keep it healthy. Thanks to its vitamin A content, it works to strengthen the hair follicles, and its vitamin C content works to strengthen the hair follicles, preventing them from breaking and falling. As for its B vitamins, it helps to enhance blood circulation in the scalp, which contributes to encouraging cell regeneration and thus promoting the hair growth process.