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Damages of family violence and its causes

 Violence is the use of force or threat against self, individuals, or communities, causing damage, injury, or death; Where violence is used as a means to influence others, and is considered a matter of law interest; It prevents its spreading and works to suppress it, and violence is defined in the critical dictionary of sociology as irrational behavior that has its origin in a complex of competing tendencies and interests that, to some extent, cause the dissolution of the group itself, and that in many cases it is repressive behavior that is associated with the process of disruption of order.

Causes of violence:

There are multiple reasons, and among these reasons:

Domestic violence:

 And it is in the form of painful hitting or in the form of criticism, demeaning and constant reprimand, and not to use any of the words of praise and encouragement, in addition to assigning the son to what he cannot tolerate, or forcing him to achieve what the parents could not achieve. Domestic violence, and scholars have considered this reason to be one of the most important causes of violence. Because education has a great role in shaping the personality of generations.

 Feelings of inferiority:

This feeling increases among orphans or illegitimate children as a result of their lack of care, and they develop a feeling of hatred for their societies. It also increases the rate of deviation and disobedience, and the feeling of inferiority is also formed as a result of poor parenting and treatment at home or in school. Therefore, beware of hurting the student’s feeling or causing his feelings of imperfection. Because that will push him to avenge one way or another.

 The media, especially the visible ones:

Whereas, the human being accustomed to scenes of violence and bloodshed with the veneration of the heroes of these scenes leads to the consolidation of the concept of heroism in a manner linked to beating and violence.

Unemployment and weak economy:

As the weak economy, widespread poverty and unemployment, and the lack of job opportunities cause a feeling of despair, and the decline in the economic situation of the family with the increase in the number of its members leads to the outbreak of violence as a means to solve problems.

Alcohol and drug abuse:

 The effect of alcohol and drugs is not limited to the mental and physical side, but also on the dampening of control centers in the brain This makes the person more likely to engage in violent behaviors and respond aggressively to stimuli.


And people in the midst of rallies and crowds are less suppressed by the impatience of their bad behavior; This is due to a lack of awareness of ethical standards; This makes them more responsive to aggressive and violent cues.

Violence damages of violence:

Dire damages and risks to individuals and societies, including:

  • Lack of awareness of self-worth, lack of motivation.
  •  Mental problems such as anxiety in addition to eating and sleeping disorders; And some people often turn to alcohol and drugs as a way to forget about violence.
  • A woman suffers from illegal pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases if she is subjected to sexual abuse, and the possibility of miscarriage for a pregnant woman increases if violent practices occur against her.
  • Pain and physical damage; Such as broken bones, burns, bruises, and cuts, which last for years after the abuse.
  • Medical and treatment costs; Such as medicines, laboratories and x-rays, in addition to legal expenses such as lawsuits, courts, and governmental procedures.
  •  Create an environment characterized by violence; Given that violence is a behavior that is transmissible between generations in addition to that it causes an atmosphere of anxiety and tension; As a result, society considers violent behaviors normal and normal.
  •  Gender-based violence helps distinguish between roles and gender inequality; Which causes impediment in the process of social progress. The increase in conflicts, wars and revenge.
  • Faced with nightmares and fears, children who grow up in violent families suffer from malnutrition, slow growth and learning compared to other children, in addition to suffering from many diseases, such as: colic, headache, and asthma. Poor social skills, isolation and marginalization.
  •  Decreased productivity and consequently lower returns. Decreased or lost educational, career, or social opportunities.

Ways to reduce violence:

The necessary measures and effective means must be taken to reduce the phenomenon of violence, and among these means:

  1. Spreading awareness in the community and educating it with correct information about the extent of violence, its causes, how to deal with it, and the extent of its impact on society, and instructing individuals how to control emotions, and avoid engaging in violent behaviors.
  2. Cooperating with clerics to spread a discourse that strengthens the principles of respect and solidarity among members of society, and combats violence and extremism.
  3. Incorporating human rights, protection from types of violence, and the inviolability of the body in school curricula with the aim of consolidating these concepts in minds.
  4. The study of cases of violence is a careful study and knowledge of the psychological, social and organic aspects that require treatment.
  5.  Learn how to deal with anger without resorting to violence by proving that it is not the appropriate method for resolving disputes, and agreeing with the opposite party about the appropriate way to deal with difficult situations.
  6. Instilling the concept of dialogue among young people and giving them the opportunity to express themselves and their needs.
  7. Providing job opportunities and creating sources of income that enable young people to build families.
  8. Promoting a culture of love and understanding, encouraging the use of reason and praising the intelligent; This contributes to the rejection of violence and the reliance on muscles to solve problems.