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 He finds many stressors and life problems on women that cause her to have many psychological problems such as insomnia, eating disorders, and phobias, which often develop into depression, and many studies and research indicate that the rate of depression among women is more than that of men, as the lady can get rid of From it by taking appropriate treatments, whether pharmacological, psychological or moral.

Causes of depression in women:

  •  The emotional formation of the woman: as the nature of a woman consists of strong feelings and feelings.
  •  Her intense attachment to some people and her loss of them: As the woman relates much to other people to a greater degree than men, we see her integrate more strongly into social relationships than men, so when she loses someone important to her, she feels sad and depressed for a period that may be a bit long, and develop in some cases To depression.
  •  Many and successive biological changes: With the beginning of the first menstrual cycle, the woman's body undergoes hormonal changes accompanied by a change in the chemistry of the body and the brain, and this change increases in the period of pregnancy and childbirth, but in the stage of menopause or the stage of menopause, the percentage of estrogen secretion in the blood decreases, which causes the possibility of infection Depressed.
  • Continuous work without rest: The work that a woman performs as a wife and mother does not end, as she becomes exhausted and tired.

Methods for treating depression in women:

Treatment with antidepressant drugs:

Where it is prescribed by a specialist doctor, which helps balance chemical processes in the brain, and it takes a period of two to three weeks for it to take effect and its effect, and it may have many natural side effects such as loss of appetite, dry mouth, and excessive sweating, and treatment with drugs is from Another option.

Psychiatric treatment:

 Many psychological treatments have gained support from scientific research, such as focusing on changing the way of thinking and behavior, or by relying on identifying problems related to social relationships and trying to treat them.

Physical activity:

It is generally considered to have an effective effect in relieving and treating depression, as it is recommended to practice some physical activities for at least half an hour per day, And it is possible to write daily notes. It is important for a person to keep writing down all the feelings and thoughts that are in his mind, as this method may help him in treatment if the specialist examines them.

 Support from family and relatives:

As many people feel tension and anxiety about some social relationships that negatively and significantly affect their behavior and psyche. Therefore, the moral support of family members and the feeling of love, intimacy and support for the person reduces the possibility of depression.

Ensure to eat healthy food as much as possible:

Whereas, following a diet commensurate with the patient's condition, by consulting a specialist, and the warning about this matter came from information that antidepressants that are used in treating depression affect the appetite of the patient, in addition to the effect of the disease itself on the weight of the patient directly, by increasing or decreasing. Above.

Facing fears and things:

These are fears that the sufferer finds difficult to do, for example, the sufferer may feel a desire to isolate and not talk to others when feeling depressed, and he may cancel his travel plans or the like, and the right thing is to resist these fears and work to implement things even if they are difficult for oneself.