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What are the causes of forgetfulness for some people

 Forgetting has spread greatly in recent periods, as many people have become suffering from this problem, whether old or young, and forgetfulness puts the person in many embarrassing situations, so every person who suffers from forgetfulness must know the causes of forgetfulness, because it may be an indicator of what is more dangerous. From that, and seeing a doctor if the problem persists, the following is a presentation of the most important causes of forgetfulness that are currently widespread.

 Causes of forgetfulness:

Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body:

Where this vitamin is considered to have an important role in the production of red blood cells, and its deficiency is linked to problems with memory impairment, because it helps maintain the layer that protects the nerves, and in the event of any defect in this layer, memory is affected, and the person becomes forgetful, and there are two main reasons For a lack of vitamin B12, it is possible that a person consumes an adequate amount of foods that contain the vitamin, but the body is unable to absorb it, and a person may not take the vitamin in sufficient quantity because it is vegetarian, and B12 is found in meat, fish and dairy, and in both cases he must see a doctor.

 Hypertension :

As chronic high blood pressure affects memory, as it affects the thickness of the lining of the arteries, and makes them thicker and less elastic, and this reduces the amount of blood that rises to the brain and thus weakens memory, so it is necessary to maintain a normal rate of blood pressure by reviewing the doctor and dieting Diet and exercise.

Anesthesia and drinking alcohol:

 When preparing patients for surgery, they are sedated, so they do not remember anything from the events of the operation, but in some cases the patient’s state of forgetfulness may last for a year after the operation, and excessive alcohol drinking leads to continuous forgetfulness.

 Sleep disturbances and insomnia lead to poor memory:

 Where we see travelers who do not get enough sleep suffer from forgetfulness and difficulty remembering, and the incidence of sleep disorders increases with age, so we see the elderly suffer from difficulty remembering simple things as well, and stress and anxiety weaken the person's focus and attention , Which leads to distracting the mind and not noticing or forgetting many things.

Depression or epilepsy cases:

These conditions affect memory and lead to forgetting many events, as depression works to reduce the substances responsible for happiness and improve mood in the brain, and epilepsy also weakens memory and after treatment, memory improves.

The presence of an abnormality in the secretion of thyroid hormones:

As it secretes a hormone called thyroxine, which is responsible for controlling the amount of energy that the body needs to carry out its daily functions, when there is an imbalance in the secretion of this hormone in sufficient quantities, whether few or many, all vital functions in the body are affected, and the patient feels tired from the simplest activities and forgets a lot, If a person feels these symptoms, he should see a doctor to check whether he suffers from hypothyroidism or not, and work to treat the deficiency with medications and eat healthy foods prescribed by the doctor.