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What are the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother's body

Breastfeeding is the best and natural way to nourish the infant, as it provides him with all the nutrients he needs during the first period of his life, works to fill his hunger and thirst, and helps to consolidate the emotional and love relationship between the mother and her child, and breast milk helps to increase the child's resistance to infection Even when he grows up, it contains a set of factors that work to protect the child while his immune system is still developing, and breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity in childhood and beyond, and helps the growth and development of the brain, eyes, and various body systems, as well as helps The part of the feeding process that the baby does is based on the growth of his jaws.

Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother's body:

Where studies indicate that breastfeeding helps to improve the health of infants and maternal health as well, as breastfeeding strengthens a woman physically and emotionally while breastfeeding her child, and it has been found that the production of this milk and breastfeeding the child supports her health, in addition to feeding the infant.

 Mother-child bonding:

As it enhances breastfeeding the bond between the mother and her child, as the release of hormones in the mother's body during breastfeeding increases the bond of motherhood, as the woman's ability to produce milk that contains all the nutrients that her child needs can give her a sense of confidence, in addition to carrying the child towards Her breasts give most mothers a stronger psychological experience than carrying a fetus inside the womb, and the relationship between mother and child increases and takes root during breastfeeding, and the emotional health of the mother can improve, feelings of anxiety decrease, and it increases feelings of communication between the mother and her child, and this feeling strengthens the foundations of physical health It is worth noting that there is some link between the education of the spouses and their support in how to deal with common difficulties and the high rates of breastfeeding, and supporting the mother during breastfeeding can help to consolidate family ties and build a parental bond between father and child.

Secretion of some hormones:

As during breastfeeding, some good hormones are secreted, such as, the hormone prolactin, which increases the sense of peace, which would help the mother to relax and focus on her infant, as well as the hormone oxytocin, which promotes the strong feeling of love and bonding between the mother and her infant, so you feel a lot Of mothers with joy and satisfaction from emotional and physical participation with their children during breastfeeding, and these positive feelings may be one of the reasons why many women who breastfeed their first child breastfeed the children who follow him later, and it is worth noting that breastfeeding may feel some slight contractions during breastfeeding and that In the first few weeks of birth, because the uterus has contracted to its pre-pregnancy size.

Birth spacing:

Breastfeeding provides a natural means of protection to prevent pregnancy, but it is recognized that breastfeeding is not considered a reliable method of contraception compared to other methods of contraception such as the contraceptive pill, and there are some guidelines that must be followed in order for breastfeeding to prevent ovulation and pregnancy such as breastfeeding At least once every four hours during the night and the day, and not giving the child any artificial feeding, and the menstrual cycle has not returned after birth, and the mother must start breastfeeding within less than six months after birth, and it is worth noting that nighttime breastfeeding is more An important method for lactation interruption, and for this, the child should not be allowed to fall asleep while breastfeeding during the night, because this is the main reason responsible for the return of ovulation again, and training the child to sleep before the specified time may also stimulate the ovulation process.

Weight loss :

As the number of calories burned during breastfeeding and pumping milk reaches 500 calories per day, which is equivalent to riding a bike for about an hour, and this would help to get rid of any extra weight that the mother gained during pregnancy, and for the mother to lose the extra weight, she must be patient. Because it will often take some time, for that you must continue breastfeeding for six months to get a good result from losing weight.

Delayed menstruation:

As breastfeeding causes the secretion of the hormone prolactin, which inhibits the secretion of the hormone estrogen, and the hormone progesterone, thus preventing the occurrence of ovulation, meaning that adopting breastfeeding completely without using artificial feeding will delay ovulation, thus delaying the menstrual cycle, and when the level of prolactin decreases, these two hormones begin to rise And thus the occurrence of ovulation and menstruation, and this often occurs after several months even if the mother continues to breastfeed, and many breastfeeding women witness the return of menstruation after 6-8 months after childbirth, and some may continue menstruation for a whole year.

Promote maternal mental health:

Breastfeeding enhances a mother's emotional health by:

Increase comfort and calm, as children who are breastfed cry less than others, and have fewer incidences of childhood diseases, and this is reflected positively on all family members, and the production of the naturally calming hormones oxytocin and prolactin, which helps reduce stress and tension, and supports positive feelings In a nursing mother, increasing the ability of breastfeeding mothers to read the signals of their children, and teaching the child to trust the caregivers, and this helps to shape the early behavior of the infant, facilitate mobility and travel, and breast milk is always clean and at an appropriate temperature, enhance skin-to-skin contact, and increase contact And foreplay between mother and child, as the emotional bonding during the first years of the child's life with his mother helps to reduce social and behavioral problems in children and adults.