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Ways to get rid of pregnancy-related melasma

Pregnancy problems are many and varied, and perhaps most of them are those that appear in the face in the form of spots that negatively affect the psyche of the pregnant woman, even if these spots are temporary, and it is easy to remove them with the disappearance of the effect which is pregnancy, and skin problems may appear in nearly ninety percent of women In different nationalities and environments, and this is a close connection with pregnancy, it may not appear in any other woman, and pregnancy costs are not like other effects that appear on the skin, and it is very well known, and it appears in the form that is spread and dispersed throughout the skin, causing irregularity in the external shape of the skin mask , It also causes embarrassment, especially after using the powders that a woman tries to use in order to hide these spots, but they fail because the spots of melasma overwhelm the powders and cause lumps in them that harm the general shape of the face, and cause a state of depression in women.

Ways to get rid of pregnancy-related melasma:

 After the problem of costs was mentioned and addressed properly, we found that a large percentage of women face constant fear of the survival of any trace that may cause some kind of embarrassment, whether with the husband, children, or even relatives, and therefore it was necessary to find some effective ways to get rid of Melasma, or reducing its severity until the end of the pregnancy period and its final demise, and among the most important of these methods are the following:

Stay away from hot sun rays:

Where the sun's rays are very beneficial to the skin, and it helps get rid of toxins and also works to relieve tension and fatigue, but in the event of melasma and it is preferable to stay completely away from the sun's rays, whether in the morning or afternoon periods, because its rays lead to the emergence of Melasma bumps, which increases the likelihood that they will remain even after childbirth, and it is preferable if you have to go out, use sunscreens or moisturizing creams, and do not prolong standing or sitting when the sun’s rays are very hot, and this may negatively affect the skin.

Drink water a lot:

Where it is considered large quantities of fluids, the most important of which is water, which helps moisturize the skin on the one hand, and it helps in renewing skin cells, enjoying its purity, and it is preferable to drink two or more liters a day, and to stay away from carbonated water as an alternative to water.

 Consult a specialist doctor:

Where the doctor is considered the most useful thing in cases of exposure to melasma during pregnancy is the doctor who specializes in such cases, as he responds to many people who have been exposed to this phenomenon before, and thus he has the greatest opportunity to properly diagnose the situation and deal with it from logic The consultant can provide you with appropriate treatment in your case.

Reducing the use of cosmetic powders:

As they are synthetic chemicals that are very harmful to the skin, and may lead to the emergence of melasma or not even get rid of it properly, and the woman resort to it because she believes that it is the solution, and it may hide the effect, but in return it causes long-term complications that may harm the skin. , Causing a type of bump that remains visible even after birth.

cleaning the skin:

Whereas, if you use cosmetics, you must as soon as you enter the house get rid of them completely, and also try to use skin cleansers that are sold in pharmacies, as they help you deal with the face and reduce the severity of costs, and help moisturize your skin, as melasma may afflict you. In pain or you feel as if your skin has been burned, so dear women are advised to follow the tips related to melasma, so that you get rid of them properly.

 Reducing the intake of oils and fats:

As perhaps most women are not aware of the danger of consuming oils and fats frequently during pregnancy, and they are harmful to all aspects of the body, and they also cause and increase the severity of melasma, and it is possible in the absence of proper awareness, and not dealing with the matter in a way that achieves effective results to exacerbate the matter And the inability to control it later, so it is advised to reduce the amount of oils in food, eat foods rich in fiber and water, such as vegetables and fruits, and stay away from nuts and citrus fruits.

 Comfort Need:

It is very important for a pregnant woman to get a lot of rest, and this is beneficial to her health and the health of her fetus, as well as for her skin, and no one can underestimate the importance of rest during these periods.