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The best benefits that dates contain

Dates belong to the palmetto or palmate family, and its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera. It is also considered a dried fruit and has a sweet taste. It is obtained from the date palm tree that grows in the desert. The date palm is considered one of the oldest fruit trees that were growing in the Middle East and in The Indus Valley has been for thousands of years, and has many varieties, and fresh dates are smaller than dried dates, and their color ranges from bright red to bright yellow, depending on their type, and dates find many benefits that we will talk about through:

What are the benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach:

In the past, it was common in the Middle East that eating dates, especially on an empty stomach, could reverse the effect of toxins that the body could be exposed to, but there are no scientific studies that indicated that eating it on an empty stomach or in the morning for breakfast may offer any special benefits to the body.

What are the benefits of dates in general:

 Contains high nutrients Dietary fiber:

Dates are rich in fibers that benefit the health of the digestive system, as they reduce the incidence of constipation, and promote bowel movement, and it is recommended to add dates to the diet to increase the amount of fiber intake.

 Contains antioxidants:

Dates contain many antioxidants associated with many health benefits, as they reduce free radicals that lead to many diseases, and compared to other dried fruits, dates have the highest concentration of polyphenols.

Potassium contains:

 Dates are known to be rich in potassium foods that are important for heart health, and they also help build muscle and protein in the body, and dates contain several other elements in addition to potassium, including phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium, which are likely to reduce the risk of problems. Associated with bones, such as osteoporosis.

Vitamins found in dates:

 Dates are not an important source of vitamins, especially nutritional vitamins in fats, and they contain low amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, and moderate levels of B vitamins, and among these vitamins are folate or vitamin B9, pantothenic acid, and it is known as vitamin B5.

Benefits of dates for constipation:

One of the laboratory studies conducted on rats and published in the Journal of medicinal food in 2014 indicated that consuming date pulp extract and its juice helps the digestive tract activity in mice, indicating that dates can relieve constipation as it was used in the past for the same purpose. .

 Benefits of dates for blood:

Where a preliminary study published in the Journal of Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics in 2019 showed the effect of dates on anemia, as it was shown that eating dates in elementary school girls increases hemoglobin, the size of accumulated cells and levels of ferritin in the blood, so it is advised that they be given dates regularly, in addition to Therefore, eating dates on a daily basis provides the daily need for iron for the body, in addition to its fiber and vitamin C content, which increases iron absorption.

Benefits of eating dates before bed:

 There are no scientific studies that show that eating dates improves sleep, but some suggest that eating fruits that contain magnesium, such as dates, may improve sleep and aid in relaxation.

Benefits of dates for pregnant women:

Dates fruit contains calcium, serotonin, tannin, linoleic acid, and a substance called Porcicides enzyme, which is important for controlling bleeding, in addition to that it contains a large amount of glucose, which is a source of energy production in the body, and it is the best food for the muscles of the uterus, and dates help It reduces blood pressure in pregnant women for a short time, and thus reduces bleeding in women during childbirth, and is also considered a laxative food that helps speed up the labor process and reduces constipation.