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How do I make my voice soft and beautiful

The soft and beautiful voice is a feature of femininity, as the soft voice has a special effect on its listeners, especially men. There is no benefit from a female who gives her elegance and beauty of her appearance a great deal of attention, and neglects aspects of inner femininity, including the voice, as the voice is one of the things that can be resolved And treating it in natural and simple ways, and every female wishes to be fully feminine, but suffers from the problem of coarse voice that causes her embarrassment, and there are a set of methods that help you smooth your voice, because the roughness of the voice in women is caused by a group of reasons.

Causes of voice hoarseness:

Among the most important known causes of a hoarse voice in humans:

  1. Enlarged vocal cords resulting from unhealthy habits such as smoking a lot.
  2.  Infection of the vocal cords with severe and cold protrusions, and these protrusions update as a result of severe and excessive use of sound, and from people who have had these protrusions, muezzins, teachers, singers, and street vendors.
  3.  Infection of the vocal tendons with malignant or benign polyps.
  4. An increase in hormonal activity due to taking certain medications, such as pregnancy medication.
  5.  The vocal cords are exposed to germs, viruses, and foreign bodies.

There are two types of sound softening methods:

 Surgical methods:

This method is not surgical as many imagine it, and it consists of passing a special endoscope from the nose down to the larynx with the aim of injecting the vocal tendons with a specific substance that softens the voice, but this method has many defects, as it is done under anesthesia, the doctor cannot control the tone The voice and its degree, and this process requires abstaining from speaking, and continuing to drink hot drinks for a period of two weeks.

Natural methods:

 There are many natural materials that will soften the sound, and they are as follows:

  •  Eat a spoonful of honey in addition to a cup of anise.
  • Eat ginger, as ginger is very useful for softening the voice, so drink a cup of it daily.
  • Mix your daily cup of coffee with a little butter and sweeten it with honey.
  •  Drink thyme tea sweetened with vegetable sugar, so that thyme tea is prepared in the usual tea preparation method, and then it is sweetened with vegetable sugar as desired, and continues drinking it for about a month.
  •  Eat what is called "vegetable sugar", which is a crystal mass made from sugar cane, which is preferred by many for its sweet taste, easy way of eating and similar to the way to eat candy, and these crystals have many benefits that are parallel to the benefits of honey. It contains no calories, so it does not cause obesity.