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Conditions that cause stomach pain

 The stomach is considered one of the parts of the digestive system in the human body, and it is a muscular organ located in the left part of the upper abdomen under the ribs of the rib cage, and the stomach is connected from the top to the esophagus, and from the bottom to the first parts of the small intestine, which is the duodenum. By the passage of food between them, and the stomach consists of four parts, the heart of the stomach, which is the first part that connects to the esophagus, and contains glands that secrete mucus that works to protect the lining of the stomach, the bottom of the stomach, which contains the gastric glands that secrete digestive juices, and the stomach body that prepares The largest part of the stomach, and its wall contains folds that help increase the surface area called the rump, and the pylorus that connects to the duodenum.

Stomach function:

The stomach is the most prominent part of the digestive system, because it is characterized by characteristics, and the most prominent functions of the stomach are as follows:

  •  Food storage: where the size and shape of the stomach allow it to contain large quantities of food, and then store it until it is digested.

  • Digestion of food and its breakdown by digestive acids and enzymes: where the stomach lining secretes gastric juice, which consists of a mixture of strong acids such as hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride, in addition to its secretion of the enzyme pepsin, which plays a major role in the digestion of proteins, by breaking the peptide bonds that evidence.
  • Sending digested food to the small intestine: where it consists of a muscular lining that enables it to make the worm movement, by which food is moved and pushed forward.

Conditions that cause stomach pain:

There are many diseases and imbalances that may affect the stomach, and among the most prominent diseases that may affect the stomach are the following:

 Gastroesophageal reflux:

In it, the stomach components, such as acids and others, return from the stomach to the esophagus, and cause several symptoms, such as heartburn or coughing, frequently, but it is not common for this condition to cause serious problems on the esophagus.

Ulcers :

It is the erosion of the stomach lining, and it often occurs either due to infection with the H.pylori bacterium, or from excessive use of NSAIDs, and stomach ulcers may cause bleeding or pain in the stomach.

Gastritis :

Which may happen due to consuming alcoholic beverages, or taking certain medicines, or infection with .pylori and others, and cause nausea or stomach pain.

 Indigestion :

And it occurs when many stomach diseases, whether mild or serious, and tumors such as stomach cancer, which is a rare type of cancer, as well as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, which includes the presence of tumors that secrete certain hormones that increase the secretion of stomach acids.