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Causes of inflammation of the lymph glands under the armpit

 As the presence of a lump or mass under the armpit does not pose a danger to a person most of the time, but it may be the result of serious medical conditions at other times, and the size of tumors varies from person to person; Where it can be small or large and noticeable, and armpit tumors are usually enlarged lymph nodes located there, which appear oval, and it should be noted that the lymph nodes spread in all parts of the body, where they play an important role in the work of the immune system in the body.

Reasons for a lump in the armpit:

A lump in the armpits has many causes, which are usually not dangerous. Which may be due to abnormal tissue growth, but sometimes the cause may be related to internal diseases and health problems, and therefore you need treatment with the advice of a doctor, and the following are the most important causes that lead to the emergence of tumors under the armpit:


 Where cysts are formed filled with liquid, semi-solid, or gas materials, and the reason for their formation is due to several factors, including: genetic factors, infection, or others, as the cysts in the chest area are filled with fluid, but the doctor must be visited to make sure that it is a benign tumor .


 Where a benign tumor is formed in the form of a smooth, solid mass of regular shape, it can move under the skin upon examination, and its size may vary from one case to another, and it often appears in women aged 15-35 years and is painless in nature. In general, visiting the doctor immediately after feeling a mass that did not exist before, or an increase in the size of the lump, or if the condition was accompanied by other changes in the breast, in order to determine the appropriate treatment depending on the nature of the mass and the age of the victim through a number of medical procedures such as: radiography, or Ultrasound, or biopsy of the tumor, and depending on the results, the treatment is either by removing the tumor by surgery, or keeping it where it can fade on its own, taking into account the importance of periodic review by the specialist doctor.


It is also known as lymphoma, as it results from an abnormal increase in the growth of a type of white blood cell.

Treatment of tumors under the armpits:

Where the treatment that the doctor chooses depends on the type of tumor and the reason leading to its appearance, in some cases the tumor does not require any treatment and the doctor suffices to take periodic observations from the patient if there is any change in the tumor, and some painkillers can be used if the tumor is accompanied by pain and discomfort, or it may The doctor asks to take some antibiotics if the cause of the tumor is a bacterial infection, and cysts or lipomas are usually removed in a simple and unobtrusive way for the patient, and finally if the cause of the tumor is due to a cancerous growth, the treatment is by performing surgeries to eradicate it, or by radiotherapy, Or chemotherapy, by referring to the treatment plan set by the doctor.