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Benefits of lemon for sore throats

 The lemon is considered a plant that belongs to the group of citrus fruits, and the fruits are the most used part, where they are eaten, or lemon juice is made from them, in addition to using it in decorating food dishes, and adding it to some foods such as salads, stuffed with grape leaves, and lemon can be used Such as a treatment for colds, colds, and infections, as it is a natural disinfectant for the body, and an effective antibacterial, and therefore we will talk during this article about its benefits especially for the throat.

Benefits of lemon for the throat:

Lemon helps to cleanse the throat from the microbes that cause inflammation, which makes the patient feel comfortable after gargling with it, and it also strengthens the immune system, which fights diseases and infections, including sore throats, because it contains a large proportion of vitamin C, in addition to the role of lemon helps to Get rid of phlegm when consuming its warm juice on an empty stomach, not to mention that lemons are rich in vitamin B2, which is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and the production of anti-inflammatory bodies.

Lemon recipes for throat lemon and honey:

Squeezing lemon is used in a cup with the addition of honey, mixing the two ingredients well and eating the mixture at once, with abstaining from eating or drinking anything for at least five minutes, and repeatedly drinking the mixture of lemon and honey, at a rate of once every two hours.

Gargle with lemon juice and warm water.

Add a spoonful of honey to the lemon juice, with the need to stir well, and add the mixture of honey and lemon to the warm water with stirring well, then gargle with the mixture several times during the day, until you reach a feeling of improvement.

Various ways to reduce sore throat:

 Apple cider vinegar:

Where it is possible to gargle with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, to relieve a sore throat, and to make this mixture, you can mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar, with a teaspoon of salt, an appropriate amount of warm water, and then gargle with it several times during the day.

Use of garlic:

Where garlic is considered an antibiotic for bacteria and germs, and for the treatment of sore throats with garlic, a tooth can be cut in half, then each half of it is placed in the right and left side of the oral cavity under the cheek, and swallowed several times, in an attempt to press garlic on both sides, and suck Its juice, or the garlic clove can be crushed with the teeth, until the juice comes out, and passes on the throat to cleanse it and rid it of the bacteria that cause inflammation.

Gargle with water and salt:

Where a solution of water and salt can be made, using a cup of warm water and dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in it, and gargling with it several times during the day, to reduce the severity of inflammation.

 Take lubricant lozenges:

Where pills and tablets that contain cooling elements are the best for moisturizing and refreshing the throat, like some types found in pharmacies, and grocery stores also sell pieces of (clothes) that taste mint and herbs, they can also be used, and a lot of fluids, it is necessary to increase Drink fluids in the event of a sore throat, in order to permanently moisturize the mucous membranes, which helps to fight bacteria, and reduce their activity in the throat.