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What are the heart benefits of garlic

If a person wants natural ways to prevent heart disease and promote heart health, eating garlic may be what can be used in this case, as studies have shown that garlic has benefits in preventing heart disease. We mention from these benefits the following:

 Garlic supplements:
Where garlic supplements are available in several forms, either fresh, dried cloves, tablets, capsules, or liquid extracts, they help treat heart diseases, cancer and colds, and the dosages vary according to the person's age and the duration of his illness, so it is advised to consult a doctor before taking them, but the frequent intake of these supplements may result. To stomach upset, bloating, bad breath for the mouth and body, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, and muscle pain.

Heart benefits of garlic:
Improve your cholesterol level:
Where garlic supplements help reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is the harmful type of cholesterol, and total cholesterol by 10-15%, but there are no noticeable effects in increasing the proportion of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is the useful type, nor in reducing triglyceride levels, which are One of the causes of heart disease.

Helps reduce blood pressure:
As high blood pressure is considered one of the most important causes in heart diseases such as heart attacks, so studies have shown that taking garlic supplements leads to lowering blood pressure for those who suffer from high, but the supplement doses must be large in order to obtain these required results, as the amount Required equals 4 cloves of garlic per day.

Reducing atherosclerosis:
Whereas when taking some garlic powder supplements such as (Allicor) twice a day for 24 months, it reduces the progression of atherosclerosis, especially in adults. Because with age, the arteries lose elasticity and expand ability, and studies indicate the presence of another Kyolic garlic supplement that shows the same benefits in treating atherosclerosis.

Prevents blood clots:
One of the benefits of garlic to the heart is to reduce the chance of developing blood clots, as the accumulation of platelets in the arteries may cause a complete blockage in them, which impedes blood flow, which leads to myocardial infarction and thromboembolic diseases, the garlic extract that contains a compound Dillydally sulfide, in preventing acute platelet aggregation in narrowed coronary arteries.

Prevents cardiomyopathy due to diabetes:
One scientific study showed that garlic oil may help protect diabetics from developing cardiomyopathy, and cardiomyopathy is the main cause of death for diabetics, which is a chronic disease that affects the heart muscle, so that it becomes enlarged or stiff.

Contraindications to eating garlic:
Eating large quantities of garlic, especially raw, causes several side effects such as heartburn, sweating, body odor, dizziness, and headache, and for people with a history of heart disease or people taking anti-clotting or anti-platelet drugs. This is due to garlic's blood-thinning properties.