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Learn the causes of weight gain after childbirth

Most of the women suffer from the problem of excess weight during pregnancy, which is the result of hormonal and psychological changes that lead to an increase in the desire to eat during the day, and this problem is referred to that also continues even after childbirth, where it is accompanied by sagging and stretch marks on the skin, and that is Due to many reasons, which we will inform you about in detail in this article.

Causes of weight gain after childbirth:
Some mothers resort to eating fatty and high-calorie foods after childbirth because they believe it is important for the production of milk in abundant quantities for the infant, in addition to its importance in restoring their health and well-being after the stressful birth process, but nutritionists and obstetricians advise mothers to eat foods Healthy and nutritious, in order to restore her health, meet the needs of her infant, and avoid fatty foods that lead to weight gain.

The woman has some psychological problems:
It is what makes her in a great state of stress and anxiety; This is as a result of the major changes that occur in her lifestyle, which stimulate the body to produce different types of hormones, which leads to a significant increase in her weight.

Lack of sleep :
 Sleep is scarce, as a woman needs approximately six hours of sleep after childbirth, and she may not be able to do so due to the pain she suffers from, as studies have confirmed that people who do not sleep enough hours during the day are more likely to suffer from overweight and obesity than people who sleep for hours Enough.
Health problems:
 Some mothers develop some health problems during pregnancy such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, which leaves their appetite for food largely open without being able to control it, and these cases require consulting a specialist to get the appropriate treatment for these conditions.

Having anxiety and tension:
Some mothers suffer from severe cases of anxiety, tension and postpartum depression resulting from the drastic changes that have occurred in their lifestyle, and the tension and excessive anxiety leads to stimulating the body to pump huge amounts of hormones that directly or indirectly cause weight gain, It is worth noting that breastfeeding

Tips to lose weight after giving birth:
Continue breastfeeding:
Breastfeeding contributes to losing excess weight after childbirth. Because it consumes a large amount of calories and fats accumulated in the body, and therefore women must resort to it.

 Get some exercise:
Where it is preferable to exercise daily for at least half an hour after the postpartum period ends, with attention to light and easy exercises such as light walking, swimming, running, or push-ups.

Strengthen the abdominal muscles:
Strengthening the abdominal muscles is through performing some simple activities such as taking a deep breath and tightening the muscles well, leaving them tense for two minutes, then exhaling the breath very slowly, with repeating this exercise ten times a day.

Food Eat healthy foods:
 You should eat useful foods that are important to the health of the body, and avoid harmful fast food that increases weight significantly, and useful foods that must be eaten in abundance are whole grains, poultry, fish, and meat, in addition to eating large amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits such as apples, Cucumber, tomato, pineapple, banana, kiwi, orange, mixed pepper and more.