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Ways to help increase the weight of my child

When trying to fatten the child through food, attention must be paid to the need to contain the important nutrients in most of the main meals and snacks that are prepared for him, including the focus on protein sources; To gain weight, including eggs, peanut butter, nut butter, bean soup, chickpeas, whole milk, yogurt, and cheese, in addition to that, the inclusion of carbohydrate sources such as brown bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, and hot cereals, and it is important not to forget Sources of healthy fats for increasing baby weight. Like nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Ways to help fatten a child:
As the increase in the number of meals that the child eats during the day helps to increase the child's weight, so there are small meals between the main meals, this is through:
Variety in the child's food according to his age:
 During the first four or six months, the only source of food for the baby is the calories and nutrients that he gets from breast milk or formula milk, but after four to six months, solids are added to their diets, in the form of rice or oatmeal.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables:
Whereas, when the child reaches 10 months of age, and yogurt and cheese can be served at this age, and as the child approaches his first birthday, the importance of solid foods increases greatly, and if the child does not gain enough weight, then he must be fed solid food first, Then formula or breast milk.
Set aside times for food:
By setting aside times for main meals and times for snacks; So that there is enough time between them for the child to feel hungry and sit at the table of the main meal with a balanced nutritional value, where random eating leads to filling his stomach with food of low nutritional value.

Baby Weight Gainers:
 Calories for weight gain:
Where children at the age of 2-3 years need about 1000 calories per day, and children between the ages of 4-8 years need from 1200-1400 calories per day, as the child must eat an additional 3500 calories, to get 0.45 kilograms, This is done by adding an additional 500 calories to the child's daily caloric needs, and this will help him gain about 0.45 kilograms of his weight per week, which is suitable for children who suffer from underweight.

Increase dietary fats in foods:
Where increasing fat in the child's diet is a quick and easy way to increase calories, because fats contain the largest percentage of calories than any other foodstuffs, one tablespoon of olive oil, canola oil, organic ghee, and mayonnaise can be added to foods during Preparation, it gives from 45-120 calories, in addition to that, fatty sauces or cheese can be added to rice, pasta or vegetables, to obtain extra calories, and it is also better to replace non-fat or low-fat ingredients with similar, full-fat ingredients, for example For example, when making oatmeal, whole milk is used, instead of water.

Increase carbohydrates in food:
Where it can help the child to eat more carbohydrates and calories, by offering light foods rich in carbohydrates, such as: raisins, dried fruits, and granola, as half a cup of these foods contains approximately 240 calories, and they can be added to soups, Milk, grains, and carbohydrates can also be increased by adding honey to fresh fruits, such as apples, or cooked grains, such as oatmeal.

Increase the calories in drinks:
Where it can help the child to gain weight by increasing the calories he gets from drinks, such as: fruit juices that contain 100% of calories, and full-fat milk, and it is also preferable to choose drinks that contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, And dairy-based drinks, which also contain 8 grams of protein, in addition to that, you can buy vanilla or chocolate flavors, which are reserved for children at the grocery store or pharmacy.