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Ways to develop the capabilities of the mind

Neuroscientists call for exploiting what is known as neuroplasticity to maintain mental capabilities and development, as the neuroplasticity searches for ways that help in building neurons, accelerate their growth and do them right, because the use of man is limited to 10% of his mental abilities during his preoccupation with tasks His daily life, and the remainder of his mental abilities remain idle without any development or progress, which threatens to decrease his mental activity and his level of intelligence.

Mental development methods:
 Doing exercise:
As many studies have confirmed that exercising on a regular basis contributes greatly to raising the brain’s ability to work and increasing its activity, as exercise helps to accelerate the growth of brain cells and the association of neurons with each other, which is of great importance in developing capabilities The mental state of the individual and prevent its deterioration, and regular physical activity helps to maintain the strength of mental skills and abilities even with the advancement of age, including critical thinking skills, learning, and decision-making.

Continuous learning:
 Continuous learning is one of the best ways to fight mental problems, such as learning a new skill or a new language or playing a new musical instrument, and learning some mental games such as chess or electronic mental games improves response and problem-solving skills, promotes attention, and maintains the health of the mind .

Eat healthy foods:
The brain consumes 20% of the total nutrients entering the body on a daily basis, so the brain needs a large amount of elements and nutrients important to maintain its activity and growth, as it is important to eat foods that provide important nutrients to the brain in abundance, the most important of which are fruits, vegetables and other foods Rich in omega-3.

Sleeping long enough:
Sleeping 7-8 hours a day during the night helps restore serenity and improve memory, as sleep expert Dr. Lawrence Epstein, a teacher at Harvard Medical School says that poor sleep has a major negative impact on thinking, regardless of the reason being lack of sleep or disorders Sleep, in the event of insufficient sleep, the ability to focus and pay attention diminishes, coupled with negligence and a delay in responding to surrounding environmental factors. He also says that not sleeping for 48 hours impairs cognitive abilities such as those caused by the presence of alcohol in the blood at a concentration of 0.1%.

Relieve stress:
Constant feelings of anxiety and anxiety cause the functions of the brain to be restricted and directed towards specific negative thinking, which causes them to be discouraged and many of them stop working and damage them over time. Positive thinking, with all its comfort and calm, plays an important role in developing mental capabilities, where a number of Research suggests that positive thinking speeds up neuronal growth and eliminates stress and anxiety.

Brain cells training:
As it is like all cells of the body, if the brain cells are not used and are subject to continuous training, their size will decrease and their capabilities and energy will be reduced to work, and brain cell training will be through various mental tests, including memory tests, intelligence tests, arithmetic tests and various sciences, and it is important that they be These tests are new and unknown to the individual, to help revitalize the work of the brain cells and motivate them to reach advanced levels of thinking and analysis. It also helps reading and writing in different languages ​​and other games that need thinking and analysis, such as chess and billiards, to develop mental capabilities as well.

Doing what's new:
As leaving the daily routine and researching all that is new and doing is changing the structure of the brain and building new paths and methods between its folds and cells, and the matter that plays an important role in raising the intelligence of the individual, and increasing his ability to understand and analyze everything that is happening around him of new things.