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How to get rid of brown spots on the skin

Brown spots appear on the face and body due to old age, or due to liver fatigue, lack of cleaning, or exposure to the sun for long periods of time, pregnancy, stress or deficiency in vitamins. Brown spots are called liver spots or aging spots, and they appear as a result of the skin protecting itself from UV rays, through the pigment melanin that collects to form brown or black flat spots, and these stains can be disposed of in several ways.

Causes of brown spots on the face:

  1.  Continuous and prolonged exposure to the sun.
  2.  Genetics and hormonal changes.
  3.  Young love, freckles.
  4. Impaired liver function.
  5. Bad diet.
  6.  Tension, pregnancy.
  7. Lack of some vitamins.
Medical methods for getting rid of brown spots:
It is advised to contact a dermatologist if the spots are dark, or they increase in size; Because this is due to the presence of an internal disease in the body, therefore it is better to go to health care and early detection of any defect, through surgical intervention, or through medications that are given to the patient through prescriptions.

Therapeutic creams and ointments:
Where the dermatologist prescribes creams and ointments that help to whiten the skin and lighten brown spots, and among its side effects, they cause redness, itching, and dry skin, and a sunscreen should be used SPF30 or more; Because the skin becomes sensitive to the sun during treatment, this treatment may end up with bleached and spotted skin. When the ointment fails to match the bleached spots with the skin.

Laser treatment:
Laser therapy is one of the most widely discussed types of treatment today, especially because of its proven effectiveness in treating all skin diseases, including acne scars or skin pigmentation. It is also considered safe, and treatment through laser radiation helps to get rid of brown spots. , Through the patient undergo many sessions determined by a plastic surgeon, and the mechanism of the sessions depends on lightening brown spots and unifying the color of the skin and body.
This treatment helps by using liquid nitrogen, and other chemicals, to freeze and destroy the stain, and the skin to recover after that, and the results appear after several weeks, and it is a more expensive treatment than ointments and creams, but less than the cost of laser, and its side effects, it may leave scarring on Skin, discolored in color.

Skin irritation:
 It is an itchy skin that a dermatologist performs, by scrubbing and rubbing the top layer of the skin to remove dark skin, and giving the opportunity to new light skin to grow. , And flakes off its surface.

Chemical peel:
It is the application of a chemical solution, which the dermatologist applies to the skin, to remove the outer layer of the skin, so that the skin returns to growth again, which reduces spots, in addition to reducing wrinkles, smoothing the skin, and its side effects, redness, flaking, swelling, Minor irritation, within 3-7 days. Medium and deep chemical peels cause ulcers that disappear after 7-14 days. One of its side effects is temporary or permanent change in skin color and scarring.

Natural recipes to get rid of brown spots.

Lemon juice recipe:
 Where the lemon contains citric acid, which is used in cosmetic industries to exfoliate the skin, lighten it, and unify its color. It is used in home mixes by mixing lemon juice and wiping the dark areas with it, by using medical cotton. In case the skin is sensitive, some points can be added From rose water to lemon juice, wipe the face and body, and leave the mixture for twenty minutes, then wash the face with cold water and dry it, and for quick results it is best to wipe the face and body with lemon juice daily, not to be exposed to sunlight, and apply sunscreen.

 Lemon juice recipe with turmeric:
And by making a mixture of a spoonful of turmeric and three tablespoons of lemon juice in a paste, apply the mixture on the area to be treated for half an hour until the mixture dries, and then rub it through the circular motion of the fingers, and then rinse the face with warm, then cold water, The mixture is applied daily until brown spots disappear.

 Parsley recipe:
It is used by soaking the parsley leaves in warm water for half an hour, then wiping the face or the area to be treated with it on an average of three times daily until the spots disappear, and it is also recommended to drink the parsley drenched because it cleans the body internally, which will reflect on the freshness of the skin. The recipe for radish and vinegar, by making a mixture of grated radish with vinegar, and applying the mixture to brown spots an average of three times daily, for a period of two weeks....