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How do I get rid of fat on the face

 The oily skin is characterized by the activity of the sebaceous glands present in the layers of the skin in the production of secretions of the skin that contain a high amount of fat. The increased secretion of these glands is caused by genetic factors, hormonal changes, and stress, and not all of these secretions are harmful to the skin; As it may help to protect and moisturize the skin, and keep the hair healthy and shiny, but the presence of many secretions in the skin may lead to clogging of the skin pores, and this is what leads to the appearance of acne, and this makes controlling oily skin difficult, so home remedies are often This reduces the negative symptoms of oily skin without using prescription drugs or skin care in high-cost ways.

Tips to get rid of face fat:
 Skin Cleansing:
It is considered one of the best and most important methods that control excess fatty secretions, and that helps to keep it clean most of the time, so the face should be cleaned two or three times daily; To get rid of all the accumulated oils and dirt that lead to clogging of pores and the appearance of acne, but you must choose the types of cleanser suitable for oily skin, which is in the form of gel or foam, free of oils, and contains one or more ingredients such as, Salicylic Acid, and oil Tea tree, neem, turmeric, and honey, and skin-friendly products are not liked; Because it will reduce its natural moisture, and this will lead to increased secretion of sebaceous glands.

 Skin peeling: It is preferable to exfoliate oily skin once or twice a week in a gentle manner. To get rid of dead skin cells that may lead to increased secretion of sebaceous glands, as this will lead to the appearance of pimples, black and white heads, and thus the skin will appear faded.

 Using face masks:
 After the peeling phase is completed, oily skin should be cared for highly, with masks containing kaolin, bentonite clay, sandalwood, and special clay, because these ingredients absorb excess secretions into the skin.

Moisturizing the skin:
As oily skin needs to be constantly hydrated; Because not moisturizing it encourages sebaceous glands to increase the production of oils in them to compensate for dehydration, and must choose a moisturizer without oils, and the main component of it is water.

 Choose a sunscreen suitable for oily skin:
  Because exposure to direct sunlight leads to skin pigmentation, the appearance of dark spots in it, and freckles, and a sunscreen must be used that provides adequate protection from its rays, in addition to avoiding fast and sugary foods, drinking large quantities of water to moisturize the skin, expel toxins from it, and eat a system Food containing fruits and vegetables.

Taking into account skin changes:
Where the production of skin oil is affected by many factors such as hormones, mood, and even weather conditions, where some suffer from problems of oily skin in the summer only as the skin increases sweat, and the appearance of oily skin varies depending on the season, and from week to week, and even day to day, and from In order to deal with oily skin in the best way, it is important to know how it is affected by the surrounding atmosphere; The skin may require a lotion every day during the summer, and in winter only occasionally.

Toner usage:
It is said that the use of an astringent toner irritates the skin; Thus the skin is forced to produce more oil; So you dermatologists disagree about the effectiveness of using a toner intended to reduce skin oil, but irritation can be avoided, and take advantage of the toner by avoiding applying it to dry areas of the skin, and using it on oily areas of the face only such as the nose, forehead, and chin, due to the fact that most people have skin Mixed It is dry in some areas, oily in others, while most people think that skin types are either dry, or just oily.

Choose the right lotion:
As washing the face with a suitable wash in the morning and evening is the most effective way to control face fat, according to a dermatologist, and you should pay attention to the quality of the wash. Using strong soaps stimulates the skin to produce more oil, so it is recommended to use a mild lotion, and it is preferable to rinse the face after washing with warm, not hot water; Because high temperatures will cause irritation in the skin, it is possible to choose between acid and base washers, depending on their effectiveness in reducing skin oil.

Avoid touching the face:
 Fingers usually carry bacteria that cause skin irritation and irritation, since touching the face is not good; Because the transfer of these bacteria to the face increases the secretion of fats that spread blackheads, acne, and to stop the production of skin oil it is advised not to touch it frequently, and use toner after washing the skin; Because it contains anti-bacterial properties, it absorbs surplus oils and surface impurities from the skin.