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Reasons for failure to lose weight

There are many people who fail to reach a healthy weight, and the reason for the failure may be in the diet program or in the application of the program, and it is possible because of simple mistakes that can thwart great efforts to reduce weight, and therefore the weight reduction program must be designed according to scientific foundations, in a manner compatible with The privacy and circumstances of each person, and there are many reasons for the failure of the diet program, including:

Resorting to a severe diet:
Many people think that when they implement a severe diet they will achieve a rapid weight reduction, and when you eat fewer calories for a period of time, the body's ability to metabolize will change to a lower calorie burn, and when you stop the diet and then return to eating calories More heat, the body keeps burning fewer calories, and the weight increases again.

Lack of exercise:
The balance between calories consumed and calories consumed, as it helps to achieve the target weight, and the practice of irrigation is the key to success for weight loss is exercise. Physical activity plays a big role in burning extra calories and preventing fat storage. Physical activity also boosts metabolism by lowering insulin levels.

Not eating breakfast:
As breakfast has a significant role in reducing weight, research and studies confirm that people who eat breakfast are more able to maintain a healthy weight, and eat breakfast that contains protein and fiber and contains an appropriate amount of calories that improve metabolism from By activating the secretion of enzymes needed to metabolize fats and prevent their storage, as well as eating breakfast, prevents hunger and the need to eat more food at the end of the day.

Not drinking too much water:
As dryness of the body is one of the reasons for the failure of the weight reduction program, and water is one of the essential nutrients for the body, which plays an effective role in burning fats because water is part of the chemical reactions to burn fat, and water also transports the waste resulting from the breakdown of fats outside the body, in case of drought These wastes accumulate in the body, causing problems in the liver, which affects the liver's functions, including burning fat, and water helps the muscles of the body and organs to work and better efficiency. Research indicates that adults who drink eight or more cups of water a day burn more calories than those who drink less water.

Setting unrealistic goals:
Where a large number of weight loss is placed greater than your ability to achieve is one of the reasons for the failure of the diet program, where you must specify a realistic goal that is commensurate with the possibilities available to reach the desired goal, and in order to achieve long-term success, you must gradually reduce the weight by setting a timetable .

Daily body weight measurement:
Where the body weight is daily is a recipe for frustration, because it leads to eating disorder, and also leads to frustration due to fluctuations in weight, and there are many experts who recommend measuring body weight weekly.

Avoid dairy products:
Many diet programs do not contain dairy products, because they are believed to be overweight, and recent research indicates that the body burns more fat when enough calcium and dairy products are rich in it, and nutritionists recommend including a weight reduction diet and low-fat milk And its products.