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Learn ways to prevent hair breakage

Hair thinning is a common problem among women, and hair loss means dividing the end of the hair into two parts, and this results in hair loss for its splendor and vitality, and there are many reasons behind this problem, the most important of which is the lack of interest in eating healthy food, and the frequent use of dyes and chemicals, which is What requires searching for ways and ways to avoid the occurrence of breakage, and this occurs as a result of years of neglecting hair care, and there are several reasons for hair breakage that is a sign of hair damage, including, inappropriate hair care, the use of chemical hair treatments, incorrectly combing hair, and a deficiency Nourishing and moisturizing hair, especially long hair. The article will mention ways to get rid of and cut off limbs.

Ways to prevent hair breakage:
Early identification of hair damage and repair: As it is considered to be the specification of damaged hair, treatment must be started immediately before damage is completely spread, and recovery should be restored.

 Stay away from hot hair tools: It is assumed that when hair is damaged, all styling and drying tools for hot hair should be disposed of, because the heat causes damage to the hair, and it should be allowed to dry naturally without exposing it to heat.

Stay away from hair colors and chemicals, as I am the most harmful thing to hair and it is damaged by constantly exposing it to chemicals, such as dyeing, bleaching, or curling hair, because it will spread the damage and is difficult to repair and treat.

Choosing chemical-free hair shampoos:
  Where you should choose hair products from natural shampoos and conditioners that are free from harmful chemicals, such as sodium sulfate, or sodium lauryl, and replace them with hair products that contain natural ingredients, such as oils and masks that can be made at home, because the use of chemicals for damaged hair reduces moisture In hair, it increases its harm, and products should be selected free from harsh chemicals.

 Repair damaged hair with oils:
Where hair oils should be used to maintain hair nutrition and health through the use of different oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil that contains fatty acids that nourish the hair roots, and castor oil that contains a high percentage of protein that promotes damaged keratin, and massage the oil into the scalp Gently head, and leave it for at least two hours before shampooing.

Using natural remedies:
 Where natural ingredients should be used to prepare a mask for hair, such as eggs, mayonnaise, honey, oils, avocados and bananas, to get rid of hair damage and get healthy hair, preferring to use natural remedies instead of chemical treatments that are useful for hair.

Eat protein-rich foods:
As eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and eating foods that contain a high level of protein, such as fish, eggs, milk and soy, nourishes the hair and makes it healthy, as the hair is made of proteins, but when exposed to damage, it needs a lot of protein to fix it, But if the protein is too much and the moisture is low, this will expose the hair to become weak, and increasing the amount of protein moisturizes the hair.