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 Most people have many life problems that negatively affect all aspects of their lives, and their psychological, family, social, and professional stability, as these problems constitute the dark side of all life affairs, which necessitates the need to find ways to deal with them, in order to avoid their aggravation and mitigate From the severity of its negative impact, we will mention the mechanism of dealing properly with problems and achieving happiness, despite its existence.

How to become happy k
Stay away from negative thoughts:
 Where a person should focus on the positives in his life, always expect the best, and stop negative thinking, such as: anxiety, fear of rejection, excessive thinking, and many other ideas that bring misery, and exclude happiness from a person’s life, in addition to caring for the present from While enjoying simple life, such as: watching matches with friends, eating delicious food, dancing, cooking, and other things that increase self-confidence, and increase happiness.

Having a goal for life:
As the goals where the goals give meaning to life, and increases happiness, and energy within each person, as working hard, and sincerity makes things different, but taking care that the goals are realistic, and close to achieving, so as not to inflict pessimism, then seek to Achieve them in small, thoughtful steps, and celebrate success with friends and family.

A healthy lifestyle:
Where there are some things that must be done in order to follow a healthy lifestyle, namely, a balanced diet, where care must be taken to eat a diet rich in all nutrients, this would help to improve the work of the mind and body, and increase the positive feelings that Self confidence increases.
 Exercise, as exercise helps to produce chemicals that improve mood and improve sleep quality, in addition to maintaining heart health and increasing daily energy, so care must be exercised for 150 minutes per week.

 Adequate sleep: where an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep a day in order to get the complete rest that the mind and the body need to do the work the next day, besides that the person prefers to write a list of things that must be done before sleep, this helps to Organizing ideas, and distracting any distractions from the mind.