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Treating dental pain in simple ways

Toothache varies from mild pain to unbearable pain, and some of the main reasons for feeling pain are tooth decay, gum infections, the presence of exposed tooth roots, broken teeth, and gum disease, and if you cannot go to the doctor for any circumstance, it is to treat the cause that makes you feel In extreme pain, in this article we will introduce the most traditional and modern ways to treat dental pain quickly.

Natural recipes to relieve the pain of tooth molar:
If dental pain persists with you for more than a day, you should see a dentist urgently, but until your appointment with the doctor comes, here are some natural prescriptions that will relieve your pain:
 Making cold and snow compresses:
Where ice packs help to relieve tooth pain in general whatever the reason is, and you can simply put ice packs or just a bag of frozen vegetables on the outside of your cheek for several minutes, and the cold helps narrow blood vessels in the area of ​​injury, in addition to that it helps to reduce blood Flowing into it, which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, and snow can also reduce the pain caused by exposed nerves by wrapping the ice with a piece of cloth and putting it on the cheek over the affected tooth, and from the old methods that rely on acupressure technology rubbing a piece of ice between the cause Eve and thumb for a few minutes.

Where cloves are a traditional treatment for exposed tooth roots, because its chemical composition contains a substance called Eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic substance, and clove oil can be used by placing a few drops of it on a cotton swab and placing it in a place that hurts the gums or the teeth, or it can be Use a clove ground or the correct pill from it by placing it in the place of pain, and this method may need half an hour to feel better or a little more.

the Garlic :
Since since ancient times garlic has been used for many medical and aesthetic purposes, because it contains certain compounds that have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and you can mash a clove of garlic and then mix it with a little salt, and put the resulting mixture immediately after that on the aching molar.

Gargle with water and salt:
As gargling with warm water mixed with a little salt helps reduce the pain caused by tooth decay, it also helps to reduce swelling and relieve any congestion resulting in the throat as well, and for best results, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water Then, continuously gargle the resulting solution for at least 30 seconds before spitting the solution, and repeat the ball several times during the day.

Thyme has many medicinal properties that make it a common prescription used for various purposes, including treating cases of chest infections, throat and cough. Concentrated thyme oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so you can use a drop of this oil dissolved in a glass of water as a mouthwash to relieve molar pain. And it is also possible to put a few drops of thyme oil concentrated on a cotton damped in water and then put it on the place of molar tooth to relieve pain.

Aloe vera gel - aloe vera:
Aloe vera gel is usually used to moisturize the skin and heal minor burns and wounds, and some tend to use it topically on the gums to relieve dental pain, and some studies have found that aloe vera gel may help kill germs that cause tooth decay and tooth decay.

Oral and dental hygiene care:
 Where it is recommended to clean the teeth periodically after each meal using toothpaste containing fluoride, and a soft toothbrush can be used in the event of any ulcers in the mouth, and dental cleaning threads can be used to remove any food particles or plaques stuck between the teeth.

Tracking molar pain:
 There are many tips and advice to follow after reviewing the dentist's office, which includes continuing dental care, with an emphasis on self-medication or the use of over-the-counter mouthwashes and without consulting a doctor, as it may sometimes exacerbate dental problems Or to prolong its duration, it is worth noting that it is obligated to take the medications that the doctor recommended using them, and to maintain follow-up appointments with the doctor, as reviewing the doctor within the dates of the visit or routine or immediate follow-up can relieve tooth pain faster, and in this context it is worth noting Nabih to contact your doctor and seek advice from him in the event of note infected for the emergence of any signs or symptoms, and another side can quit smoking contribute to the improvement of some dental problems, and can seek medical help if the individual has encountered a problem in quitting smoking.