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The benefits of breastfeeding the mother and the baby

Breastfeeding is considered the first and only feeding method for newborn babies, and it is considered a manifestation of God's mercy in infants, as it is considered the first pillar of child health, because breast milk contains all the nutrients that the body needs, and breastfeeding works to provide the child Satisfy his psychological and emotional needs. Basically, it is the first indication of the child's association with his mother and his increased sense of it. Therefore, the mother must be careful to breastfeed in the fullest way physically and emotionally. Undoubtedly, breastfeeding has many benefits for the child as well as the mother, and in this article will Make it clear The benefits to the mother and her baby from breastfeeding, the benefits of breastfeeding and immediate benefits in the long term.

Benefits of breastfeeding the mother:
Breastfeeding helps to achieve weight loss after birth, by getting rid of accumulated fat in the abdomen and thighs area, after a month of birth, in addition to increasing the possibility of returning to normal weight before pregnancy in a short time, and it also helps to provide protection from fragility Bones, studies have shown that women who refrain from breastfeeding are more susceptible to osteoporosis than breastfeeding women, and the rate of exposure to fracture of the thigh is higher than that of lactating women, especially in the post-menstrual period.

In addition to that it helps to enhance the emotional health of the breastfeeding woman, as breastfeeding reduces the woman's likelihood of depression, anxiety and stress, and delays the ovulation stage, thus providing the mother with a sufficient period between the stages of childbearing, and it should be noted that the more the period of breastfeeding the greater the period between the two stages Reproduction, as it helps to get rid of excess weight gained during pregnancy quickly, and it also helps breastfeeding to get rid of the fat concentrated in the pelvis and al-Fakhdin regions in a maximum period of one month.

 It raises the level of protection from breast cancer by up to 25%, and it is important to know that the greater the period of breastfeeding, the greater the percentage of protection from this disease, as it protects against ovarian and uterine cancer, because breastfeeding reduces the levels of the estrogen hormone in the body, which is One of the main causes of uterine cancer. Reduces stress in the nervous system as a percentage of non-breastfeeding mothers who are at increased risk of mental disorders.

In addition to that it helps to provide the costs needed for artificial breastfeeding, as natural milk is available in sufficient quantities at all times and conditions, as well as it is pure and appropriate temperature for the child in all seasons, and increases the feelings of motherhood and the relationship between the child and his mother, as well as increasing the feeling of positive feelings, Like happiness and self-confidence. It helps restore the uterus to its normal size and shape after giving birth faster, and reduces postpartum bleeding.
Benefits of breastfeeding a baby:
It helps to strengthen the muscles of the facial and mouth bones of the child, as it accelerates the appearance of teeth, reduces the chance of the child being obese, in addition to providing him with protection from allergies of all kinds, and protects him from bowel inflammation, asthma and tetanus, and it also provides protection for the child From infection with cancer, and the child protects bacteria, viral and fungal diseases, as well as from the damages resulting from the activity of parasites, because the mother's milk works to strengthen and strengthen the child's immune system.
 The first milk released from the breasts of the mother, which is called milk thobe, helps to soften the intestine of the child, and provides him with protection from yellowing, as it is one of the best treatments offered to the child, because it helps to clean his intestines, and breast milk is rich in many nutrients, which Increases the speed of formation of the child's mind, which works to increase the proportion of his intelligence.

Benefits of instant breastfeeding:
As breast feeding positively affects the performance of the digestive system, by stimulating the work of a number of hormones and amino acids that regulate the growth of the system, in addition to that it helps the work of antibodies that strengthen the immune system against diseases and dangerous infections such as intestinal inflammation and infections of the digestive system, and help to improve The digestion process stimulates the breakdown of enzymes that help to empty the stomach of the child faster, and reduce the incidence of common diseases among infants such as diarrhea and intestinal infections.

Contributes to the prevention of infectious diseases, because breast milk contains a number of important components to strengthen the immune system, such as carbohydrates (glycoproteins), proteins (lactoferrin), special antibodies and white blood cells, which are components that are not found in formula milk. Reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. The long-term benefits of breastfeeding a baby.

The benefits of breastfeeding for the long term on the baby:
 Where many studies have compared the children who were breastfed by their mothers and those who fed commercial formula milk and the following benefits were part of the results of these studies: Breastfeeding reduces the incidence of ear infection diseases in the first year of the infant's life twice as many times as the children who fed the formula And contribute to reducing the exposure to chronic diseases, obesity and disease with certain types of cancer (leukemia, mainly), heart disease and diabetes for children, reduce the incidence of asthma as well, and stimulate mental capabilities and intelligence factors in the period Childhood and adolescence, which has a positive impact on the development of children's hearing and vision systems.