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Learn the benefits of starch for the skin

Starch is known as cornmeal, and it is frequently used in delicious cooking recipes, especially to increase the density of soups and sauces, as it is used to make corn sugar and corn syrup, in addition to making adhesive materials for paper and fabrics, and the starch was not absent from the world of beauty and skin recipes, it is beneficial On the skin and the body as well, and through this article we will introduce you to the positive results of the use of starch for the freshness of the face and skin and its vitality, as the starch contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the health of the body, as it is many calories, as a hundred grams of it contains a small amount Of fat, high carbohydrate, in addition to fiber, proteins, minerals such as sodium and iron.

Benefits of starch for the skin:

Getting rid of allergic skin:
Starch can also be used as a substance to prevent skin irritation including sunburn, stings, skin irritation, and once a paste of 3 spoons of starch with enough amount of cold water is formed so that it has consistency like peanut butter and applied to the places affected by allergies using a cotton swab Or gauze and left on the skin to dry and give it enough time to work.

Reducing insect bites:
Also, insect bites can become more aggravated with itching and when exposed to moisture and bacteria. It also keeps the sting clean and dry. To reduce the itching, apply a paste of starch to it by combining three spoons of starch with cold water and mixing the dough and then applying it to the places affected by the bites. Insects.

Maintaining healthy skin:
 It is achieved through stimulation of cell regeneration, through the action of minerals in starch such as iron and calcium, and reducing acne and pimples in the skin, because starch contains the zinc necessary to fight acne, and promote skin health and hydration; thanks to the presence of vitamin B1 and B2 Starch.

Soothe diaper rash:
As it is considered one of the common problems in infants is a diaper rash that you can treat using starch, because starch is an edible and inert material that is safer than talcum powder and diaper creams, and it can be used over and over again without any concerns, every time you change diapers for a child you can spray Amount of starch over the area that suffers from the rash.
Sunburn Relief:
If you have red and inflamed skin after exposure to the sun, starch can provide you with relief from the impact of sunburn. Once you mix it with cold water to make a thin dough and apply it throughout the inflamed area, leave the mixture to dry and then wash it after applying the moisturizer. Not reducing redness is preferred not to wear clothes and re-apply again.

Dealing with first degree burns:
It is known that first degree burns and superficial burns do not need medical treatments, but you can deal with them by applying starch but it can be very painful, and this treatment can be used to reduce pain and inflammation of burns, and you can add a large spoon of starch with a spoonful of Baking soda and an appropriate amount of water, apply the solution to the affected area, and if a large area is affected, then dip a towel in the solution and place it over the affected area.

Lotion for oily skin:
The starch helps you control the production of oil in the oily skin and control it in a natural way. Once you make a paste of starch with a sufficient amount of fresh lemon juice enough to obtain the consistency of the paste and easy to apply to the skin, and leave the mixture on the skin until it dries, then it is washed with water Normal, the mixture helps you remove extra dirt and oils and penetrates deep into the pores to give you smooth, oil-free skin.

Treating a rash:
You can feel itching and rashes due to a group of irritants that are harmful to your skin, and the application of starch will bring you some relief. Once you try to spray a quantity of starch powder on the affected area in order to help you relieve the itch, and you can mix an amount of starch with water to get Thin dough and apply dough throughout the area.
Facial Cleanser:
Where the use of starch as a face cleanser is by adding two tablespoons of starch with glycerin in half a cup of water, putting these components inside a double boiler and heating them over the heat until they become thick and using this mixture in cleaning the face instead of soap.

Treating skin problems:
Where starch helps you in treating various skin problems by applying a mixture of starch with water to the affected areas and using this mixture to reduce skin irritation.

Other starch uses:

Get a matte lipstick:
You can convert any lipstick to the dead type when adding a layer of starch. Once you apply the lipstick, then apply a layer of starch with your fingertips and stir until the color disappears and gives the desired effect and matte.

 Body Mist:
Starch can be used as a perfumed powder for the body as it is an ideal alternative to a perfumed body wash during the hot summer months and it is very easy to apply and put the starch into a small bowl with adding 10 drops of essential oil and a portion of starch and shake well until they mix together and use as a body perfume.

Cleaning stuffed toys:
Also, the children's stuffed toys are exposed to a lot of dirt mixed with grease. In many cases, the washing machine cannot clean it well and reduce its life and it looks more old, and when you wash it with starch you get clean toys.

Deodorizing shoes:
The smell of bad shoes is one of the problems experienced by adolescents and athletes and makes the feet smell of bad and foul smell, as the shoes made of plastic materials that do not allow breathing and this makes things worse. The best way to prevent bad smell and remove sweat Smells.