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Pink cheeks are a sign of beauty for women, as it shows them with a more youthful appearance, and it is also an indication of the health of the body, and all women prefer that the beauty of their cheeks be natural without resorting to cosmetic processes or the use of cosmetic powders that disappear quickly when washed with water and not washed with water, such as washing them from washing with water. Other cosmetic which can sometimes expose the skin over time to undesirable problems, especially for those with sensitive skin, and there are several natural methods and recipes that give the skin the pink color that these people wish Adat.

How to become rosy skin:

Skin massage:
 Massage helps the skin get pink and smooth skin through stimulating blood circulation in it, and that is through the use of fingertips to massage the face in circular and other movements to it, with this exercise repeated regularly to obtain the best result in two days, also can be used in the massage With a moisturizing face cream, using one of the natural oils such as olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil, and you can also use the cheek disc method after massaging the face and moving the blood circulation in it, and that is through the use of the thumb and the sides of the index finger in the cheek disc in a gentle manner with no pressure Bich For strong not to hurt the region and this should continue to exercise for between 10-15 minutes.

Drink enough water:
Where you can get pink skin by paying attention to drinking an abundant amount of water that helps remove toxins, and sodium outside the body, and this may be through drinking directly, or obtaining water from the food intake as well, and people get more than one fifth of the amount of water What is required from food, and sugary drinks must be replaced with water, or unsweetened tea, and it is possible to notice the sufficiency of the body in water when the color of urine is light yellow, or clear.

The use of rose water:
Where very red roses are used to get pink skin, fresh, soft and luminous, as they contain useful dyes to care for the skin impurities, and can be used by boiling a group of rose petals in a pint of water, and the water is filtered after that and used after cooling By spraying spray on the skin every morning and evening.

Get essential vitamins:
As it is advisable to obtain essential vitamins for the body, especially vitamin C, and Vitamin C, which are important to give the skin shine and radiance, as the lack of these vitamins causes cracks and dry skin, and lips, and it is advised to consult a doctor when taking vitamins, or eating some fruits and vegetables Containing those vitamins.

Using sunscreen:
As it is recommended to use sunscreen continuously, studies have shown that people who use the right hand put more condoms on the left side compared to the right side, and the opposite occurs for people who use the left hand, and this means that the important areas lack complete protection from sunlight, Therefore it is advised to swap hands while applying a condom to ensure the skin gets the right amount of it.
Skin exfoliation:
It is considered peeling as one of the best ways to get natural pink cheeks, as the accumulation of dead skin fades the skin and loses its vitality, therefore it is advised to peel the skin continuously to remove dead skin cells and skin-related dirt, and this is through maintaining the peeling of the skin in a gentle and moderate manner but not in the form My day as it hurts the skin.

Doing yoga exercises:
Yoga exercises can be used to get rid of harmful body toxins, as exercises help to improve flexibility, increase physical health, and the ability of an individual to control his breathing, as the beauty of the skin requires deep, focused breaths that are applied during the practice of yoga of various kinds.

fresh Juices :
Where natural juices can be used as a suitable way to become rosy skin, and that is by pouring a kind of fruit juice in a small cup, and it is also possible to take advantage of pomegranate juice or carrot juice in it, then immerse a cotton ball in the juice and put it on the cheeks so that the juice forms a dry layer and repeat Layers until you get the desired pink.

Moisturizing the skin:
As it is considered one of the ways to get pink and soft cheeks naturally without using make-up, it is the process of moisturizing the skin permanently and continuously after cleaning or washing it, as it is recommended to use a moisturizer that corresponds to the skin type, as each type of skin is suitable for a moisturizer that differs from the other, suitable for dry skin A moisturizer that contains vitamin E, suitable for oily skin, a hydrating moisture, and sensitive skin, suitable for a moisturizer that contains aloe vera gel or avocado between its components.

Eat a healthy diet:
 A healthy diet must be followed in order to obtain beautiful skin, and to ensure this it is recommended to eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables, especially rich in vitamin "B", vitamin "E", sulfur, zinc, and not to neglect meals, it is necessary to eat four healthy meals every day And snacks can also be eaten between main meals. Eating foods rich in proteins that are important for the health of the body, such as lentils, and reducing red meat intake, because they contain a high percentage of cholesterol and saturated fat, and can be replaced by fish and chicken. Eat milk and its low-fat or skimmed products.