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Food and drinks that cause yellowing of the teeth, you should avoid them

Yellowing of the teeth is one of the most important reasons that drive people to see a dentist’s clinic.
Yellowing of the teeth may happen in a simple and gradual manner sometimes, and it may be severe that can not be avoided at other times. Everyone must keep his teeth intact white as the teeth and their cleanliness are considered Part of the human personality, and therefore we are serving you the most important foods and drinks that cause yellowing of the teeth, which you must avoid:

Food and drinks that cause yellowing of the teeth:
Although tea is a very beneficial drink for health, it causes yellowing of the teeth significantly, especially black tea, where its effect on changing the color of teeth is greater than coffee. Recent studies have shown that tea of ​​various types causes the erosion of the enamel layer around the teeth and changes Its color, so you should avoid eating it more often.

The sauce:
As if the taste is delicious and very delicious, but the sauces with a dark color such as soy sauce, curry sauce and tomato sauce strongly affect the color of the teeth, do not eat more and make sure to choose other types of light-colored sauces and make sure to wash your teeth immediately after eating these sauces .

Sports drinks:
I am acidic foods and drinks that cause yellowing of the teeth, and recent studies have shown that sports energy drinks cause damage to the enamel layer, so be sure to reduce your intake of these drinks during exercise and you can replace them with water, which is more beneficial to your teeth and to your overall health.

Colorful fruits:
Colorful fruits such as berries, blueberries, pomegranates and others are considered to contain colored dyes when eaten that stick to the layer of enamel on the teeth, as well as the pies and juices made from those fruits cause discoloration of the teeth and leave colored stains on them, and some non-colored fruits such as white grapes and white cranberries cause layer erosion Enamel, so always make sure to wash your teeth after eating these fruits.

Soda, cola and other soft drinks:
As it is considered that the acids and pigments present in these soft drinks change the color of the teeth and leave stains on them, as well as soft drinks with light colors also leave the colored stains on the teeth as these drinks contain very strong acids that are equivalent to the strength of the acids in the batteries and therefore they cause tooth wear Dangerous.

sweets :
If you like to eat sweets with artificial colors such as cakes, popsicles, etc. that cause your tongue to change color, your teeth will change, but this only happens when you eat more of these sweets.

Reducing dental food and drinks:
There is difficulty in completely quitting eating these foods and drinks, as some of them are important and very beneficial to health, such as anti-oxidants found in blueberries and tomato sauce, so you can continue to eat them, but in moderate proportions, or replace them with other foods that contain antioxidants such as apples, cauliflower, and watermelon.