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Causes of tendinitis and how to treat them

The tendons of the hand are the ones that link the muscles of the hand to each other and give them strength, and regulate their movement as well, and the tendons of the hand are divided into two halves. The first links the wrist muscles with the muscles of the forearm on the one hand with the muscles of the fingers on the other hand because these tendons also have a major role in the movement of the fingers of the hand and because the human being What is always used by him is his hands, because the tendons of the hand are always exposed to inflammation and swelling and cause the person here very severe pain in which he is sometimes unable to move his hands and fingers, as the movement of the hand in one position for a permanent period, as well as the actions that cause hand fatigue and vibration lead to inflammation The tendons of the hand are multiple and the treatment methods vary Between cold and hot compresses also to medicinal medication such as analgesics, anti-inflammatory and sometimes surgical intervention, as well as physical therapy, and it is very important to pay attention to the pain of tendonitis and work to treat it because if it is not treated it may lead to serious complications, the most important of which are arthritis itself and bone Tendon erosion.

Causes of tendinitis:
Tendonitis is encouraged due to the frequent use of the hand, and the same movement repeats a large number of times, and it also occurs as a result of trauma and injuries, which usually occurs in people whose work or hobbies depend on the repetition of certain movements for long periods, which leads to inflammation of the hand tendon and the lack of Regular exercise and exercise have a role in tendinitis.

Symptoms of tendinitis:
  1. Hand pain and increased pain when moving the hand and fingers.
  2. Feeling a crackling and sound when moving the hand while feeling pain.
  3. Swelling in the affected area.
  4. Redness and heat in the area that hurts you too.
  5. The bump that develops along the tendon.
  6. High temperature.
Complications of tendinitis:
If you neglect the treatment of tendinitis quickly, the matter is somewhat dangerous and can lead to the following complications:
Worsening the injury, the tendon erodes and causes pain multiplying.
The rate of tendon inflammation increases this inflammation reaches the bones of the hand, and this requires medical intervention. This inflammation may also be transmitted to the joints near the tendons, such as the wrist and elbow.

Treatment of tendonitis:
And it is done by providing comfort to the hand by not moving it for long periods, so the tendons heal and recover because the body here replaces the damaged fibers with a healthy one, and it is also possible that a hand splint is used to ensure that it does not move, and the splint should not be too tight and tight so that it does not increase Pain and swelling.

As the use of cold and hot compresses on the place of pain has a very wonderful effect in the treatment of pain and swelling of the tendons of the hand, but the ice should not be placed directly on the hand but rather it must be put in a towel and put on the place of pain and left for a quarter of an hour and be repeated three times daily, and is used three times a day. Pain-relieving medical treatment, as some pain relievers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc. help greatly to treat tendinitis and relieve pain.

natural therapy:
Where physical therapy has a great and effective effect also in healing from tendinitis, so you should do a massage or massage your hands on your own at home or go to physical therapy centers to get the appropriate natural treatment for you that helps you to recover.

 And surgery happens here in the case of calcification of the tendons of the hand, i.e. in the case of the accumulation of calcium salt around it. These deposits are best to be disposed of through surgery. In this case, the doctor makes a superficial incision on the hand that does not exceed five cm and then cuts a very simple part of the wrapping around the tendons Thus, the pressure on the tendon decreases and the pain gradually disappears.

How to avoid getting tendinitis:
  • Doing exercises that help you strengthen the muscles surrounding the tendons of the hand to prevent tendinitis from occurring or relapse if you are newly cured.
  •   Stretching and stretching also help you greatly protect against tendinitis.
  • Avoid repeating certain movements by hand because frequent movements by hand help very powerfully in the occurrence of tendonitis, so even if your work requires you to repeat certain movements of your hand for long periods, be sure to take a break or rest time every hour or half an hour in which to change the position of your hand.