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Causes and wrinkles around the eye

Eye horses wrinkles are subtle and fine wrinkles, called crow's legs and laughter lines, and they form around the outer corners of the eye, and begin to appear in the middle and last thirty years of age, due to a lack of collagen and elastin production during aging, and other factors lead to The appearance of wrinkles under the eyes and from them, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, pollution, stares, frowning, smiling, and wrinkles around the eye, who among us does not suffer from us and does not suffer from its succession, where people often think you are older than you are because of those auras, It also adds a stressful and sad look To your face and skin, even when you use cosmetics and concealers to hide them, this cream always accumulates inside the auras and causes a very bad form of your makeup, with knowledge of the causes of dark circles and some methods of treatment in this article, that you can get rid of them or reduce them permanently .

What are the causes of wrinkles around the eye?
Hormonal causes: They occur in the menopause period and the pre-menopause period, where estrogen hormone levels in the body significantly decrease, affecting the collagen synthesis process, which provides the skin with support and vitality, and prevents the skin from forming deep wrinkles, and with less collagen formation, the skin begins to Get too many deep wrinkles

Environmental causes: Many people neglect to protect their skin from surrounding environmental erosion, such as neglecting the use of sunscreen, and with the passage of time and continuous exposure to sunlight the skin loses softness and moisture as a result of losing collagen and elastin, which causes dark circles and wrinkles also around the eye , And the area around the eye, is the least areas where the skin can fight aging and wrinkles due to the lifting of this layer of skin and not containing the fat cells needed for moisture and prevent the formation of auras so that should pay attention to this area and pay attention to adequately and concentrated enough .

Eye wrinkles treatment:
Pineapple juice is known because it contains many active enzymes known as bromelainin which has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is a natural form of alpha hydrosky acid that can help treat eye wrinkles, take some pineapple juice and dip into it a piece of cotton and put in it On wrinkles around the eye, where it helps greatly as it has been used continuously to exfoliate the skin, and leave the juice on wrinkles for 20 minutes and wash with cold water, make the use of this juice in your daily facial care routine and will greatly help you to treat wrinkles around the eye and Also, the prevention of the emergence of more of them.

Castor oil: It is the area of ​​the skin surrounding the eye that is very sensitive to the area as previously mentioned and we do not contain sebaceous glands so it must be careful to moisturize it continuously and there is no better than castor oil to moisturize and because it is a natural preparation it can be used daily to maintain the softness and hydration of the skin And dip the tips of your fingers in a little bit of castor oil and pat the skin around the eye, just remember not to add a large amount of castor oil so that you do not get exaggerated eye puffing, and continuing to repeat this mixture will help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around Eye.

Since the skin is massaged around the eye with a little rosemary oil for several seconds per day, a terrible difference will occur in that area and wrinkles and small lines present in it. The oil also helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles in the area.

Option :
 As we said, wrinkles occur due to the lack of moisture, and the lack of water in the skin, and because the cucumber contains an enormous amount of water that helps moisturize the skin and the skin and also helps to darken the dark areas in it, put slices of cucumbers in the refrigerator and then put On the eyes for a quarter of an hour a day, this mixture will help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and also eliminate eye fatigue after prolonged work days and sit for long periods in front of computers and TV sets.

Olive oil: another oil from the group of natural oils is very important for wrinkles and helps greatly to moisturize the area under the eye especially if mixed with honey, and just dip the edges of your fingers in olive oil and put it on the area around the eye and leave for several minutes and wash, and you can Also put olive oil at night and leave until morning.

Rose water :
As rose water has many properties for skin care and dark circles, and reduces eye puffiness and small wrinkles around the eye, rose water has a soothing effect that treats tired and irritated eyes, which in turn helps to lighten the dark area around the eye, and helps restore the natural balance of acidity and Basal in the skin by moisturizing it and providing it with water, which in turn helps to remove the pigmentation that causes dark color in the skin, has anti-oxidant properties that help purify the skin from toxins and help to replenish the cells around the eye.