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Benefits of lemon and water to get rid of belly fat

Lemon contains vitamin C necessary for blood, and vitamin B important for bones, gums and teeth, and lemon works to lose weight in a short time, so it was introduced in many recipes with the aim of losing excess weight, and getting rid of accumulated fat in the body, especially in the abdomen and buttocks, and Drinking warm water and lemon on an empty stomach has enormous benefits for the entire body, as it fights many diseases, increases the health of the immune system, cleanses the cells of the body and skin, and it has a great role in increasing the freshness and vitality of the skin, thus obtaining a beautiful and graceful body in Anne Wa A boundary, where lukewarm water has the ability to strengthen the digestive system, thereby stimulating the digestion process, as the heat of water provides the body with energy that is useful in burning calories in food intake.

Benefits of water to lose belly fat:
  • Water and lemon syrup helps to maintain the body's moisture and reduce fluid retention, and there is some evidence that indicates that it helps to lose weight, and helps to break down fat, get rid of it, and it should be noted that maintaining the body's moisture is necessary to regulate the temperature of The body and improving its functioning in general, and drinking water and lemon may help to promote the metabolism, but most of the research received in this regard was specialized in studying the relationship between drinking enough quantities of water and promoting the metabolism in the body, and lemon helps to enhance the feeling of satiety and fullness; the matter Who contributes to a To reduce calories intake, which in turn helps to lose weight.

  • It is rich in minerals and vitamins necessary for the body, as it thereby provides the body with minerals and vitamins, so it does not weaken as a result of losing weight, reduces the occurrence of bloating in the stomach, generates urine and thereby rid of toxins and harmful substances, and keeps the urinary tract intact, increases the bowel movement and stimulates it, thereby expelling waste Outside the body, and helps get rid of it quickly.

Reasons for the accumulation of belly fat:
There are many reasons behind the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and the appearance of rumen, including:
 Trans fats:
Trans fats increase infection, which in turn may lead to insulin resistance and fat accumulation in the abdomen.

 Lack of motor activity:
 As the idle lifestyle imposed by modern life helps to enhance the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Menopause: The hormonal changes that occur in a woman in menopause lead to a shift in the storage of fat from the hips and thighs to the abdomen; a problem with the formation of visceral fat.

 Intestinal bacterial imbalance:
  As an imbalance in the intestinal bacteria leads to an increased risk of many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, there are also some studies that indicate that an unhealthy balance of bacteria in the intestine may be enhanced From weight gain, including belly fat.

Fruit juice:
  Fruit juice is a beverage with a high sugar content, which can enhance the occurrence of insulin resistance, and lead to an increase in belly fat, especially if the person consumes it in large quantities. Stress and tension: Stress and constant tension increase the production of the hormone cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone, and although the tension increases food intake and caloric intake, the cortisol increases the storage of fat in the abdominal area specifically.

 Diet is low in fiber:
 As a diet with a low fiber content and rich in refined grains may lead to an increase in the amounts of accumulated fat in the abdominal area. Genetic reasons: where genes play a major role in increasing the risk of obesity, as well as in increasing the possibility of storing fat in the abdomen.

 Insufficient sleep:
 Many studies have linked sleep deprivation and weight gain, including the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. One of the studies conducted on 68,000 women that lasted for 16 years found that women who slept 5 hours or less each night were 32% more likely to gain 15 kg compared to those sleeping at least 7 hours.