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What is the cause of the presence of blue spots in the body and methods of treatment

Some people suffer from the appearance of blue or black spots on separate parts of the body, especially the limbs, and these spots appear as a result of many different reasons such as exposure to a severe blow, as they may appear without clear reasons, and may be accompanied by slight swelling and pain in some cases, and sometimes appear Blue spots on the body due to a blow, or the reason may be unknown when they appear suddenly, and these spots are called bruises, and their color is not limited to cyanosis, but they may also be black in color, and these spots appear with some pain in their area, and sometimes they are without Any pain mentioned , And the person should see a doctor if these bruises continue to appear and spread to multiple areas in the body to diagnose the condition and find out the main cause of it

Types of blue spots:
  1.  Spots appearing under the skin: these spots are fairly few.
  2. Muscle spots: These spots appear on parts of the muscle, are considered moderate intensity, and may cause pain most of the time.
  3. Bone spots: These spots appear on the bones in any region of the body, cause severe pain, and are considered very severe.

Symptoms and signs of blue spots on the body:

Symptoms of blue spots may vary according to their causes, and skin discoloration is often the first sign of it, and some of the other signs and symptoms have:
  1. The gums and nose are exposed to bleeding, which indicates the presence of medical problems, such as: blood clotting.
  2.  Suddenly staining of any part of the body in blue (spots may appear small or large, alone or in groups).
  3.  Severe itching in the area of ​​macular appearance.
  4. The blue spot heats up.
  5. Swelling and pain in the area.
Reasons for the appearance of blue spots in the body:
Exposure to a strong shock causes the collision:
Exposure to collision causes bleeding in the capillaries near the surface layer of the skin, due to the blood leaking from the capillaries to the cells of the body, and this bleeding appears as blue, purple or black spots, and it may also appear as separate points of blood.

 Severe neurological disorders:
Some suffer from the spread of blue spots in separate areas of the body as a result of exposure to strong psychological trauma, and these spots often disappear after a short period of appearing on the body, and in the case of increased spread and not disappeared in the specified period, see a doctor.

Vitamin deficiency:
A deficiency causes some types of vitamins that the body needs. Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins, the deficiency of which causes the spread of blue spots in the body and the appearance of pigmentations of different colors, and a deficiency and vitamin K that helps blood clots and its deficiency affects the natural clotting of blood, which results in the appearance of these Spots.

other reasons :
Take regular doses of blood aspirin pills that appear in the form of blue spots under the skin, and follow cortisone-based treatments, and eat certain foods that accompany fluidized fluid, such as: garlic, ginger, and fish oil, and occur due to thinning of the skin and the sebaceous layer in it when Aging, weak tissue that supports blood vessels, high exposure to sunlight, and problems with blood clotting or the presence of a specific disease that causes these spots such as von Willebrand disease is an inherited bleeding disorder that affects the ability of the blood to clot, and a decrease in the presence of collagen in The body, especially when advancing in the Age, and thus the human skin becomes smoother, which causes bloodshed under the skin, and a decrease in the amount of blood platelets in the human body from 2000 plates.

Treating blue spots:

  •  Place an ice pack or ice capsule on the spot to stop or prevent swelling in it, if it is caused by a severe blow.
  •  Relaxing the area where the stain is, especially if it is on the foot, can be a serious injury.
  •  Lifting the foot off the ground in case any blue spots appear on it, so that the situation does not get worse. Stop the medications that cause these spots to appear immediately so that they do not spread to all parts of the body.