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The benefits of drinking warm water on an empty stomach are health

The human body contains approximately 60% of water, and it is an essential component for the proper functioning of body organs and cells, as it helps to regulate body temperatures, reduces friction between joints, helps protect sensitive tissues, and is lost through sweating processes, And breathing, and digestion, and therefore it must be compensated continuously, by drinking water and eating foods that contain it, as its shortage leads to dehydration, and the amounts of water that the body needs vary according to many factors, including: weather, and the degree of physical activity, The state of health, and in general women need to eat what Dab 11.5 cups of it every day, while a man needs 15.5 cups, and the benefits of drinking hot water as the water is considered one of the most important materials that we need to continue on this earth, and according to experts every person needs to drink at least 7 to 8 cups of water And, although most people prefer consuming cold or regular water, research has shown that drinking hot or warm water has some exclusive benefits for your health, and has few positive effects on your skin and hair. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of drinking warm water on an empty stomach. On the human body.

Benefits of drinking warm water:
Hot water is a natural regulator of the body, and if you start your day by drinking a cup of pure warm water, you can easily move towards a healthy life, and you should take a look at the health benefits that hot water can provide on an empty stomach.

Hot water is considered a detoxifying body:
It is the most important feature of drinking hot water is the eventual removal of toxins from your body, and whether you suffer from indigestion or trying to get rid of impurities in your body, the development of the habit of drinking hot water early in the morning and late at night every day can help you a lot When you drink hot water, the body temperature rises and begins to sweat, which may lead to the toxic substances being expelled from your internal system and cleaned properly. For best results, add half a lemon juice and add a few drops of honey to it.

Hot water facilitates bowel movement:
As the lack of water inside your body can lead to an acute and chronic constipation problem, and when stools accumulate inside the intestine the bowel movement becomes slower, and it is always recommended to drink a cup of hot or warm water every morning when your stomach is empty, as the food decomposes and makes the movement of the particles through The intestine is smooth and less painful, as many of you suffer from the disturbing effects of constipation, and this common problem occurs in the stomach when a person has little or no bowel movement, and often the reason is a lack of water in the body, and if your morning started drinking very warm water, before Eat anything, it can help To improve bowel movements and thus reduce the effects of constipation.

 Drinking hot water facilitates digestion:
Hot water is especially beneficial for the digestion process, and studies have revealed that drinking cold water right after eating a meal can solidify the oil in the foods consumed, and that it creates fat deposits on the inner wall of the intestine, which ultimately leads to bowel cancer, and with So if you drink a cup of hot water, you can avoid this problem and speed up your digestion greatly, and if you drink a cup of warm water in the morning, it will stimulate the digestive system and help your body to digest food and eliminate it better, and drink cold water after meals It can backfire as it does Cold water cools oils and fats in the food you just eaten, and this creates fat deposits and makes digestion more difficult, and it is best to replace the cup of cold water warmly.
One of the benefits of drinking hot water promotes weight loss:
Hot water can help you lose extra weight, boost metabolism and break down fatty tissue under the skin, especially when taken with lemon and honey, and you will get rid of extra body weight, and hot water is an excellent solution for losing weight. You may try to lose weight and drink a cup of warm water in the morning can be beneficial, and this is true as warm water increases your body temperature, which in turn increases your metabolic rate, increases metabolic activity and gives the body the ability to burn more calories throughout the day, And if you start your day drinking a cup of warm water with lemon, it will help your body to break down the fatty tissue (or body fat) in your body, and warm water with lemon also controls to reduce food appetite because the lemon contains pectin fibers, and doctors recommend drinking warm water in the morning Usually with the addition of polyphenols rich lemon, or Tea to reduce free radical activity in the body.

Promotes blood circulation and strengthens the nervous system:
Drinking hot water is the promotion of blood circulation, as it burns body fat, and at the same time it also breaks down deposits in the nervous system, which helps to stimulate the brain and strengthen memory, and the accumulated deposits in the nervous system and fatty deposits in the body are eliminated when drinking a cup From warm water, this process helps flush out toxins found throughout the body, which in turn helps to stimulate blood circulation, and warm water also helps to relax, which helps relieve muscles, and eliminate poor blood circulation and blood flow.

.Benefits of drinking warm water for menstrual cramps:
Hot water can also help treat menstrual cramps, and girls can add some karom seeds to them and drink the mixture during menstruation. The heat of the water has a calming and comfortable effect on the abdominal muscles, which ultimately heals cramps, and warm water is an effective natural remedy to relieve Pain is from menstrual cramps, as it relaxes stomach muscles and helps relieve menstrual pain, moreover warm water is an effective treatment for all types of spasms because it improves capillary blood circulation and helps to relax the muscles in the body.

Drinking warm water stimulates sleep and treats insomnia:
When you drink warm water during meals, especially during dinner and before going to bed it will help your body to relax and calm your nerves, and in return this can help to feel sleep, and will also help stop cravings in the middle of the night and lead to feeling Regeneration in the morning.

Drinking warm water prevents premature aging:
Where you can prevent premature aging and having dazzling and youthful skin for a long time by drinking a cup of hot water daily, as it expels toxins from your body and repairs skin cells that are affected by harmful free radicals, and your skin's elasticity is increased by drinking an amount of hot water on an empty stomach, and as a result Your damaged skin becomes toned and wrinkle-free. No one wants to age prematurely, however the presence of toxins in the body can make aging faster, so when toxins accumulate in the body, they become susceptible to disease and aging, and warm water can help cleanse The body of toxins, moreover can j Warm water helps repair skin cells that can increase skin elasticity.

Contribution to treating esophageal indigestion:
 As this relaxation or as it is called spasm of the heart is a movement disorder that affects the esophagus, which increases the difficulty of transporting fluids and foods to the stomach, and hot water can reduce the main symptoms of this condition, such as: chest pain, dysphagia, and regurgitation characterized by reflux From the stomach to the mouth, in contrast, eating cold water makes these symptoms worse. It is worth noting that hot water opens the door of the esophagus to the stomach, and therefore it facilitates the process of transporting foods and fluids to it, as it reduces the duration of the esophagus contraction, and accelerates the transmission of waves From me It expands the tube cavity and reduces irritation to esophagus.