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Increased thyroid activity causes, symptoms and physical therapy

Increased thyroid activity is called hyperthyroidism or thyroid toxicity, a condition that occurs when there are many thyroid hormones in the body and this condition is usually more common in women than men, and it is considered a type of thyroid disease that occurs when it is overactive The thyroid gland is in its activity, and as the thyroid gland is found in the front part of the neck, in addition to it it produces hormones that affect things like heart rate and body temperature, and in the event that there are additional levels of hormones that can cause unpleasant problems and perhaps Serious problems may arise Requesting treatment in addition to it affects anyone, but there is about an increase of 10 times more for women than for men, especially at the age of 20 - 40 years, and it can also result in hyperthyroidism significantly accelerating metabolism in the body, which causes In sudden weight loss, rapid and irregular heartbeats, sweating, nervousness and irritation, there are many options for treating increased thyroid activity, in addition to that doctors use anti-thyroid medications such as radioactive iodine to slow thyroid hormones, and in some cases treatment for increased thyroid activity involves Surgery to remove Part of the thyroid gland.

What is increased thyroid activity?
The thyroid gland is found in the neck and it produces hormones that are released in the bloodstream to control the growth of the body and metabolism, and these hormones are called thyroid hormone and triiodothyronine, which affects various processes such as heart rate, body temperature and helps in converting food To energy to maintain the functioning of the body, a substance that controls theodothyronine in the blood carefully so that these operations are performed carefully and at a steady rate. As the thyroid gland produces the hormone tetrahydothyrosine, triiodothyronine, which are two main hormones that control how the body uses energy And as there could be an increase in the production of a hormone or Claehma together, Uandma the diagnosis of increased thyroid activity and knowledge of the underlying reason behind it can alleviate symptoms and prevent complications.

What are the causes of increased thyroid activity:
The increased activity of the thyroid gland occurs when the thyroid gland produces many hormones and may be caused by several of the conditions that are mentioned below:
 Hyperthyroidism, which is the most common condition for increased thyroid activity and can occur at any age although it is more common in women between the ages of 20 - 40 years old, but you become more likely to develop the disease if you are a smoker, and hyperthyroidism is a problem Autoimmunity This means that the immune system is mistaken and unable to face toxic substances, and if you have this condition then you suffer from eye problems such as blurred vision or swelling becomes more clear. It is not fully understood why the eyes are affected by this disease but it is believed that the antibodies from The immune system may affect p The tissue around the eye.

 Thyroid clusters:
It can develop thyroid gland masses and the cause is not identified yet, but it is usually benign, however, thyroid gland blocks can contain abnormal tissues which can affect the natural production of hormones in the thyroid gland and this causes an increase in thyroid gland activity , And there are two types of thyroid clusters, one is called toxic thyroid clusters and the other is benign tumor, toxic thyroid clusters constitute about 15% of cases of hyperthyroidism.

In some cases, viral infections can affect the activity of the thyroid gland and cause inflammation within the thyroid gland called thyroid inflammation where the gland is painful and the place of touch. Hypothyroidism results in overproduction of hormones.

Imiodarone medicine:
It is considered imodarone is a type of medicine that is known to be an anti-arrhythmic, which helps in controlling arrhythmias. If you have non-toxic conglomerates in the thyroid gland and imodarone is obtained it can cause hyperthyroidism because it contains iodine.
Blood antibody and immune:
Antibody and immune antibodies, which are blood proteins, are produced by the immune system to fight bacteria, viruses and disease. Infections can also be in response to infection, irritation or infection causing redness, swelling, pain and sometimes a feeling of heat in the affected area.

Symptoms of increased thyroid activity:
Where the UK's National Health Institute has made clear that there is one clear sign of increased thyroid activity which is the presence of nerve energy that appears more pronounced if you are someone who usually does not worry, just as nervousness, anxiety and irritability can be a sign of increasing your thyroid activity, and If you notice that your body and mind are constantly racing and don't know why? You may need to see a thyroid doctor.

Tired :
On the other hand, you may suffer from a lack of understanding and fatigue due to increased thyroid activity. If you think that overproduction of hormones makes you constantly active. When you have an increase in the level of activity of the thyroid gland you may experience difficulty sleeping, and the difficulty of sleeping may be due to pressure on your body, high blood pressure, diarrhea, tremor and other symptoms of increased thyroid activity.

Increased appetite:
As the presence of a large appetite is usually associated with increased thyroid activity as mentioned in the Mayo Clinic, which explains that hyperthyroidism can actually enhance the amount of food you eat, but at the same time suffer from a sudden increase in weight, and the loss of one kilo Weight loss without dieting is not a good sign, but it may be a sign of increased thyroid activity.

Arrhythmia :
Where more thyroid activity can lead to an abnormal heart rhythm, according to Harvard Medical School. The most common ingredient for increased thyroid activity is an increased heart rate. As the heart rate becomes more than 100 beats per minute, another problem is the occurrence of atrial fibrillation.

Hypertension :
Mayo Clinic Clinic states that hyperthyroidism can lead to high blood pressure when high blood pressure is a serious medical condition. You may have high blood pressure from hyperthyroidism or another medical condition if the blood pressure medications are not responding.
Hair loss:
If you suffer from brittle hair and is easily broken, it may be linked to thyroid problems as well. According to the laboratory, if you suffer from a thyroid disorder, there are great possibilities for hair loss. This problem may not usually appear until several months after the disease itself appears, because Thyroid hormones control many functions of the body, including healthy hair growth.

Complications of increased thyroid activity:
Heart problems: Some of the risks of complications from increased thyroid activity include heart problems, rapid heartbeat, a heart disorder called atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure, a condition in which the heart cannot meet the needs of the body. These complications generally have a suitable treatment.

increased untreated thyroid activity can lead to weakness, osteoporosis. Bone strength increases the amount of calcium and other minerals that are in the body. And when the thyroid gland produces a lot of hormones, it interferes with the body's ability to incorporate calcium into the bones.

Eye problems:
Some people suffer from eye sickness, swelling of the eye, eye redness, eye swelling, sensitivity to light, blurred vision or blurred vision. These problems worsen into blindness.
Naturally treat increased thyroid activity.

It is considered one of the natural foods to resist the increased activity of the thyroid gland to combat fatigue and fatigue caused by excessive hormones in the body, and these excess hormones increase the rate of metabolism in the body and increase the activity of the nervous system. This in turn adds to the degree of stress and fatigue in the body, and oats were considered from Conventional foods stimulating Nervin effective in the case of neurodegeneration.

Lemon Balm:
Where one of the effective treatments to increase the activity of the thyroid gland is the lemon balm that hinders the activation of the thyroid gland, this in turn limits the activity of the thyroid gland in addition to the lemon balm by removing toxins in the body and strengthening the immune system.

Calcium and vitamin D:
Hyperthyroidism is considered to have harmful effects on bone health and may lead to osteoporosis. It becomes extremely necessary to get an additional dose of calcium and vitamin D on a daily basis to prevent your bones from the risk of osteoporosis. You need to discuss with your doctor your dietary guidelines, calcium requirements, and vitamin D.

As the mother of magnesium has an important role in maintaining the health of the thyroid gland, especially those that relate to the metabolism of iodine, which is crucial for the body. An experimental study on patients with hyperthyroidism has shown that a significant decrease in calcium, magnesium and zinc concentrations affects the health of the body. Include foods rich in magnesium such as leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds in the diet.

Reducing sugar:
Try to eliminate refined foods and sugar in their food in order to benefit from it in treating increased thyroid activity. Because refined foods lead to a rush of insulin and the hormone cotisol, and this begins to strain the adrenal and pancreas.

Get enough sleep:
One of the health treatments is getting enough sleep to affect adrenal activities. Generally, a person should ensure that they get enough sleep to maintain their body, mind and relaxation.