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Bad smell behind the ear, its causes, and ways to treat it

The bad smell behind the ear is associated with a cheese-like smell, and it can be noticed when you rub the back of your ears with your fingers or wipe them with a cloth, and it may be difficult to get rid of the bad smell behind you. The ears sometimes, and it may require you to determine the cause of this smell first, and the causes vary. This leads to this bad smell, but poor hygiene is the main reason behind this bad smell behind the ears, which resembles the smell of cheese.

 And if you wear glasses, you are also likely to suffer from this. This is why we will tell you the causes and treatment, and most people realize that there is an unpleasant smell behind their ears when rubbing them behind the M ears with their fingers, or by using a damp cloth or a piece of cloth and then smelling it, or when they take off their glasses and a breath of air descends on them and smells them. There are some people who find this bad smell only strange, while others compare this smell to the bad smell of cheese, and this unpleasant smell can form behind the ears in infants, children, and adults of all ages.

What causes bad smell behind the ear?
There are many causes that cause an unpleasant smell behind the ears, and more than one factor can be responsible for this smell, for example, that sweat can cause a bad smell, but with bacterial infection, this smell swells until it becomes The smell is bad, and we will show you the most important reasons for the existence of this bad smell behind your ears.

Lack of attention to hygiene:
As not doing washing frequently behind your ears can cause bad breath, and some people do not like being washed behind their ears often, others neglect to wash dead cells and remove dust, dust, bacteria, and sweat, and all of this It accumulates and causes a strong unpleasant smell that appears behind the ear, and the lack of interest in cleaning the ears may increase the risk of internal and external ear infections.
long hair:
Where the mother of long hair completely covers your ears and the hair carries dust, dirt, dirt, pollutants / hair products, sweat, scalp oils, and dead skin cells, this prevents the air from circulating, which increases secretion Sweat through the sweat glands located behind the ears, in addition to that long hair creates a moist environment that encourages the growth of bacteria behind your ears, especially when the weather is hot outside, or you do exercise, or sweat during sleep, and long hair is always considered Dirty and difficult to clean, and people who have long hair may touch it For hair by hand, or they put their hair behind their ears, or they use hair care products that stimulate oil production and this leads to more dirt and dust accumulating in your hair.

Overactive sweat glands:
The presence of an unpleasant smell behind the ear may be a sign of the presence of the sweat from the sweat, as some people may sweat even as they sit and do no activity, because sweat contains toxins and creates a moist environment creating your ears which encourages the growth of bacteria, and Fungal infections and unpleasant smell behind the ears, and people who sweat a lot are often described as unpleasant and unpleasant smell.

Dry skin, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and dandruff.
Skin diseases cause itching, dryness of the skin, and dandruff on it, and the more itching, the more damage it causes to the skin, and more dead cells fall and accumulate, causing pores to become blocked which causes an unpleasant odor, and the need to scratch behind The ears puts you at risk of being exposed to a bacterial or fungal infection that increases the power of bad breath.

Most people who suffer from stress experience an inexplicable itch, which may also develop unhealthy habits such as scratching the skin, scratching behind the ears, and it can transfer bacteria and other germs to the area and cause infection and unpleasant smell, and the stress makes the condition worse Eczema and forced head too, which causes an unpleasant smell behind your ears, where the face meets hair.

Bacterial infection:
It is considered one of the most common causes of an unpleasant smell behind your ears, which is a bacterial infection. Bacteria can easily pass behind your ears by scratching contaminated hands, or putting hair behind your ears all the time, and there are many factors that lead to infection and an unpleasant smell behind your ears, such as lack of attention to hygiene, ear piercing, eczema that
causes itching and Scratching, moisture under long hair, and wearing glasses.

Fungal infection:Fungi are among the infections that affect many people of all ages, particularly the elderly who suffer from diabetes, or who live in humid places, as they cause severe pain, and may develop into serious complications that threaten public health, if You do not have eczema and still want to scratch the skin behind your ears, as it is likely that you have a fungal infection, and a fungal infection can cause an unpleasant smell when scalp oils, dead skin cells and bacteria accumulate together as long hair and Sweating and not bathing or Drying your hair well can create an ideal environment for fungi and make them grow.

Ear piercing and allergies:
Ear piercing is the most common cause of an unpleasant smell behind the ear, and the odor develops when the hole becomes infected, and the smell may be stronger if you do not clean the new hole or earring regularly, and if you do not clean the hole and the earring well, this will be Noticeable when taking off the earring, and although allergies are not a common cause of the unpleasant smell behind the ear, as it can cause this smell as well, and food allergies can cause a rash behind the ears, causing you to scratch it and cause small injuries which Bacteria may grow in them.

Poisons and pollution:
Like dust and dirt, toxins and pollution particles can accumulate on our skin, behind our hair, and behind the ears, and sweat makes us scratch the skin and some very small wounds inside which bacteria and other pathogens may grow, causing infection and be Bad smell behind your ears.

 Wear glasses for long periods:
Wearing glasses for a long time may cause bacterial accumulation on the ears and then transferring this bacterial accumulation on the arms of the glasses, and this must be taken into account washing glasses, especially glasses at least every two days in order to avoid the occurrence of bacteria accumulation on them even if you care about cleaning behind your ears, just wearing glasses Bacteria return to accumulate again behind the ear.

How to get rid of the bad smell behind the ear?
You can get rid of the bad smell behind your ears by knowing why this smell is first, and. We will show you the best treatments:
  • Always wash regularly behind your ears, especially after exercising, or when the weather outside is hot, or if you sweat a lot, or when there is dust or windy weather outside, you suffer from allergies or have long hair.
  • Use a therapeutic shampoo, a shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione, and is considered a good treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, fungal and bacterial infections, and other skin diseases and scalp diseases that can also extend to the area of ​​the ear (outer ear and behind the ears).
  • Use an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory cream that your doctor will prescribe for you to put behind your ear. It may be an antibacterial only, or an antifungal only, or both, to cover many causes of infection and symptoms.
  • Vaseline is used. Vaseline can be used with Azarion extract to treat eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, itching and dry skin. It creates a barrier on the skin, which prevents bacteria and other germs from passing through.
  • Clean the ear and ear piercing regularly to prevent infections, and use wet wipes to clean the skin behind the ear while outside the home.
  • Cleaning the area behind your ears, piercing the ears and earrings using alcohol to make them clean and prevent bad odor
  • Cut your hair if it is too long and do not have time to wash it often and dry it well, and wash hats, pillowcases and other head and hair extensions.
  • Reducing or even stopping the use of hair care products, such as hairspray and hair gel, because it increases the production of scalp oils and the accumulation of dust and dirt on them, and some people may use antiperspirants to get rid of the unpleasant smell behind their ears.
  • Applying a few essential oils to reduce bad smell, such as tea tree oil, grapefruit seed oil, mint oil, and others as it helps soothe the fungi, but watch out for allergic reactions to the skin, always use very small amounts of them.