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What are the reasons for the lack of menstrual blood in women

There are many reasons that can cause low blood circulation, including what may mean the presence of a problem, some of which are natural, some of the reasons that may be behind the lack of menstrual blood what comes of age, and the blood of the menstrual cycle may be a little in women who are about to reach the age of Despair, due to the effect of hormones, where the secretion of estrogen decreases, as well as in young girls when the first menstruation begins.
One of the reasons is also pregnancy, as it is known that the menstrual cycle is interrupted by the occurrence of pregnancy, but a woman may notice drops of blood for two days or less, and the woman may think that it is the blood of the menstrual cycle, but this blood may be the blood that results from Cultivation of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall, and also affects the body weight and nutrition on the menstrual cycle, where a woman’s body weight affects the blood flowing during the menstrual cycle, so that losing weight and gaining it quickly can lead to an imbalance in the menstrual cycle, in addition to women of low weight can To suffer from a disorder in the menstrual cycle.

In addition to ovarian polycystic syndrome, where the cause of irregularity or interruption of the cycle in some women may be the infection of the woman with ovarian polycystic syndrome, as this syndrome is caused by an irregularity in hormones, and in addition to irregular menstruation, a woman with syndrome may suffer From acne, obesity, and increased unwanted hair especially in the face area, as it may suffer from sterility.

Also, breastfeeding is considered one of the reasons, as the woman's menstrual cycle will not return immediately after her birth if she is breastfeeding, as the hormone that contributes to milk flow helps prevent ovulation and delay the coming of the menstrual cycle, but breastfeeding does not mean that no pregnancy can occur. So if a woman is breastfeeding and notices blood drops, these drops can be the result of implanting a fertilized egg into the lining of the uterus, so it is a good idea to have a pregnancy test.

It is also considered a means of organizing pregnancy, from taking the reasons where the reason behind the lack of menstrual blood may be the use of contraceptives, as some contraceptives work by preventing the release of the egg from the ovary, and these contraindications are in the form of pills, rings, adhesive, or syringe Or an IUD intrauterine device, and when the egg is not released, the uterus does not form a thick lining, and thus the menstrual blood is lowered and lighter than usual, and it is also possible that the menstrual cycle will be absent in a woman who uses contraceptives, and it can also be when the contraceptive is started or When you stop using it, it causes irregular menstruation Yeh.

Likewise, life stress is one of the reasons where the brain is affected when exposed to life pressure, and this, in turn, affects the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle, so that the cycle may be irregular or lighter than usual in women who suffer from stress, and it is assumed that when a woman relieves stress that The cycle returns as regular.

Also, thyroid diseases affect the thyroid gland diseases in the menstrual cycle in women, as the overactive thyroid gland may lead to the release of small amounts of blood during the menstrual cycle, and sometimes the absence of the menstrual cycle, and the pregnancy outside the womb is considered this cause of the serious reasons that require Refer to a specialist, and it can threaten the life of the mother, as pregnancy outside the womb can cause heavy or light bleeding during the menstrual cycle.