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What are the health and aesthetic benefits of cow's milk?

Among the benefits of cow's milk helps to strengthen the teeth and protect them from caries, and also helps to strengthen the bones and muscles of the body because it contains a high percentage of calcium, and that eating cow's milk helps to treat the problem of depression, as it contains a high percentage of vitamin (D) which It contributes to the increase in the body's secretion of the hormone serotonin, which improves bad mood and opens the appetite.
In addition to that it helps to reduce the severity of symptoms accompanying arthritis, and helps build nerve cells, as it helps protect the body from the risk of osteoporosis, and provides the body with many nutrients such as mineral salts, vitamins, carbohydrates and other other elements, and treats Sleep disorder also addresses the problem of insomnia.

In addition to that it calms the nerves and stimulates the nervous system to perform its functions properly, and helps protect the body from the risk of various cancerous diseases, including cancer of the rectum and colon, as it works to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells, and the most important benefits of cow's milk are strengthening the eyesight and maintaining its integrity, And it helps the growth of the body because it contains the necessary nutrients.

In addition to that it helps to relieve stomach aches, as it helps to strengthen and protect them from ulcers, and provides the body with the necessary energy, as it nourishes the body and protects it from dehydration because it contains various types of nutrients, and works to protect the body from obesity and gives the body A sense of satiety for a long time, and benefit patients who suffer from diabetes and protect the body from infection. Regulates blood pressure and protects the body from infection with this disease.

It also helps to maintain the health of the heart, stimulates it to perform its function and protects it from infection with many diseases, benefits arteries and improves its work, helps the work of the digestive system and facilitates digestion, and works to strengthen the immune system, which makes it an effective treatment for a cold.

Among the benefits of aesthetic cow's milk is that it works to clean the skin by wiping it with a little milk and then washing it with water. It works to increase the softness of the skin, especially in the neck and face area. It also has effective actions in treating the problem of aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots. Opens dark skin tone and contributes to whitening it.

It also gives the skin more radiance and glow, and helps protect the skin from sunlight and helps to calm and treat it from the effects of these rays such as the darkening problem, and it treats hair from the problem of dehydration and increases its moisture, in addition to providing the hair with the necessary food, and gives the hair a smooth and silky texture .